Thank you to everyone who submitted their  wonderful work to our first monthly ‘Creations by Compassionate Voices’  activity. June’s winner is ‘The Rose’ by our wonderful member & volunteer Genevieve Moss. Our runner up is the equally lovely Rebecca Carley, member and soon to be volunteer!
Our July’ Creations for Compassionate Voices’ called ‘Life Can be Beautiful’ is now open for submissions. Closing date July 31st


In Our Garden
There Is A Rose
So Delicate, So Rare
This Rose I Cherish It
With Tender Loving Care

In Our Garden
Along With Memories
The Rose I Planted In Your Favourite Place
The Rose
Now So Beautiful
Reminds Me Of Your Face

In Our Garden
The Rose Is Kissed By Morning Dew
Softly, Like I Once Kissed You

The Rose
Is Purest, Silky White
It’s Petals Tinged With Blue

In Our Garden
The Rose When In Full Bloom
I Smell It’s Sweet Perfume

The Rose
Is Slowly Fading
Shedding Petals To The Ground

In Our Garden
The Rose Looks So Forlorn,
Withered And Emptiness All Around

The Garden
When I Go There
Is Now Overgrown With Weeds

Where Once We Had Our Garden
Still Holds Happy Memories
The Petals Gone With The Breeze

I Will Always Remember Our Garden
And My Beautiful Rose
But My Life Goes On
And It’s Time To Sow New Seeds

Now I Have This Garden
And A New White Rose
I Pray I Can Be As Happy –
As Those Days Long Gone
It’s Time To Let My First Rose
Rest Gently Now In Peace

Genevieve Moss


Conceived too early, born of shame
Rejected, adopted on handover day,
Mum loved David, Dad loved me
But cruel Alzheimer’s claimed him early,
Chubby, ugly, where do I belong
Desperate to be loved then Rich came along,
Marriage then babies brought heartache then joy
2 were lost between 2 lovely boys,
Life complete but money was tight
Both work hard….we’ll be alright,
Moving house, we’re on our way
Renovations, new jobs, 12 yrs. we stayed,
Boys are growing, space is tight
Moved again but something not right,
16 and Ben heard the army calling
Time to move, no more stalling,
Rental, burglary, anxiety is high
New home move date after delays and lies,
Settled in a ‘settle’, we love this estate
Neighbours, friends, parties …this is fate,
Time to search , meet blood family
All the way over in Lanzarote,
Caring for Mary , I’d grit my teeth
Bite my tongue but then suddenly I’m free,
Money is good, nothing to chase
Time to take life at a slower pace,
Ben leaves the army, finding his feet
Brings Kayleigh home for a meet and greet,
Not long and they have their own home
Soon to be a daddy, how he’s grown,
Is it a girl… it a boy ?
Ava Rose arrives and is just pure joy,
Now it’s Lewis’ turn, new job and car
He’s changing fast and come so far,
Meets a girl, its moving at pace
Soon they’ll be moving, buying their own place,
I’ve much to be thankful for in this life of mine.
Looming empty nest but i’ll be just fine,
Free time is mine to make my own choices.
I’ve joined a group called Compassionate Voices,
I’m feeling empowered, confident and free.
My time is now…at last I’m ‘JUST ME’!

Becky Carley