Harriet Lee

Head of Year - Spalding High School

The Presentation was engaging and more importantly, empowering!

Year 8 had the pleasure of Sharon speaking to them last week as part of their PHSCE provision. The presentation was engaging and more importantly, empowering!! As a collective of both students and tutors, we left with raised awareness and increased positivity. Thank you, Sharon. 
Comments from Year 8s…
‘I thought that Sharon was an amazing speaker to have. I liked her because she didn’t pressure anyone to share but she shared her personal experiences to make us feel more comfortable. She also normalised talking and that it makes us feel better when we talk. My favourite thing she did was writing a love note to ourselves to read when we have bad days.  also think it was great that she included the teachers.’ Student, Year 8
‘Sharon made me feel good about myself and helped us all embrace the things we loved about ourselves and that our insecurities are beautiful. She talked about her journey with mental health to let us know that we are not alone. My favourite thing she did was the little love letter to ourselves.’ Student, Year 8

Jasvir Ginda

Policy and Wellbeing Partner, People Services, Nottinghamshire Police

Sharon Bull delivered a series of inspirational inputs to colleagues at Nottinghamshire Police .

Sharon shared her personal story which encouraged other individuals to open up about their personal challenges. The input was interactive, well delivered and held the attendees attention throughout the session, especially the Stripped Bare poem.  This was enabled by her warm and friendly personality. Colleagues found the input very thought provoking.

Sharon also volunteered to stay after her input and spoke to a number of attendees. We received lots of positive feedback from the attendees and we will consider further opportunities to engage with Sharon.

Sarah Vaughn

Health Lifestyle Lead - Chesterfield College

Sharon is a great speaker and presenter

A great thought-provoking workshop that makes you realise your own worth and belief in yourself – even in difficult times. Sharon is absolutely lovely and a great speaker and presenter.


Ruth Lloyd-Williams

Network, She Llandudno

Inspiring, emotive, emotional, heart warming and thought provoking.

Just some of the words used to describe Sharon’s recent presentation. She was engaging and at one with her audience as she shared her story with open honesty. Thank you, Sharon you did a great job.

Tanya Waldron

Deputy Headteacher Spalding High School

We were delighted to welcome Sharon back to Spalding High School to speak to Year 8 as part of their PSHCE programme, which coincided with World Mental Health Day.

Sharon fully engaged with the students throughout the presentation, which this year included a fifteen-minute question and answer session.  Sharon did not have enough time to answer all the many questions posed by the students, but she circulated around the Hall answering as many as she could in a frank, honest and age-appropriate way.  The students asked some searching and thoughtful questions and whilst many seasoned teachers would shy away from a Q & A with 150 students, Sharon handled it beautifully and it was very successful indeed.

Paul Davies

Clowne Enterprise

I have seen Sharon talk to a wide variety of audiences. She has the ability to connect with each group, presenting a talk which is relevant to their needs, entertaining and meaningful at the same time.

Most recently she spoke at one of our local business forum meetings and sent us all home with something to think about. If you have not been to one of Sharon’s events, I recommend that you go and listen to her soon.


Phil Binding

Mental Health Action Group, Derby

Sharon Rocks the AGM!

Many thanks go to Sharon for an inspirational and moving session at our Annual General Meeting; a combination of music, poetry, visual art, and audience participation that engaged our members and guests throughout. It was a life story with a serious message, but one that struck a chord with all who were present. We all came away uplifted and energised, with some messages of hope and recovery. Great stuff and well worth inviting her back again!

Ali Brown

Community Engagement Co-ordinator, The Newark Family of Schools

Warm, funny and engaging with the students.

Sharon was invited to be a part of our British Values drop down day and didn’t disappoint! Sharon was warm, funny, and engaging with the students with a very powerful message to share.
I’d happily invite Sharon back to Newark Academy to attend another event.

Catherine Ballard

Calver & District WI

All the ladies at the Calver WI found Sharon’s talk funny, interesting and inspiring.

I can thoroughly recommend her presentation to others who are looking for a fascinating and thought-provoking evening.



Services Coordinator – Derby Women’s Centre

Many of the women who use our centre have had difficult life experiences, including domestic violence, mental health problems and depression. They have faced many setbacks in life affecting their confidence and self esteem

Sharon Bull is a regular speaker at our Derby Women’s Centre Coffee Mornings. She is always very well organised and prepared. Her bubbly personality and warm manner is contagious, putting the service users instantly at ease. Sharon can communicate and form an effective rapport in both a one to one and group conversation.

Sharon treats service users, volunteers and staff with respect and raises everyone’s confidence and self-esteem by sending them away with a huge smile on their faces, as she promises to do at the beginning of her talk. Sharon has everyone singing and dancing. Always an excellent, invigorating, and enjoyable morning. Thank you, Sharon.


Claire S

Compassionate Voices

Sharon made it so easy to be comfortable among strangers.

I found myself relating to Sharon’s story and thinking – she is   true inspiration!  The journal is something I will cherish. I have gone back over it several times. The journal is designed for those who like good old-fashioned writing or the more electronically inclined.  I have not only been completing the sections but spending time digging deep and going to some hard places. Oh, so powerful when you reach the other side.

It was such an overwhelming feeling of comfort to know that Sharon isn’t one of the inspirational teachers out there, who promise to be with you every step of the journey. She REALLY is there! ‘Bubbles’ is forever etched in my memory!

Dee & Dean

Mansfield MBS Show

Such a wonderful and warm lady. Her vibrant and upbeat personality shines through with her optimistic and engaging approach to life’s struggles.

Through skilful wordplay and humorous anecdotes, she left us feeling light and fulfilled in both heart and mind. Bubbles!!

Tracey W


After having the pleasure of attending one of Sharon’s events I left feeling uplifted and very positive.

She is a shining example to us all and living proof that personal heartache and issues cannot only be overcome but that our spirit and attitude can influence others in our search for happiness and success! An amazing lady!

Pottery Corner, Chorlton, Manchester

Thank you for last Saturday’s presentation, both the team and guests found you a real inspiration.

You made us think, laugh and scream “bubbles”. I will certainly recommend you for other events going forward.
In fact I hope to have you back again in mid-Summer, I will be in touch.


Derby Women’s Centre

Loved your talk this morning at Derby Womens Centre – truly inspired me!

Food for thought that came at the perfect time for me. I think you’re amazing and have certainly found your niche in life now… keep up the hard work, amazing if you could reach out to children in schools too. Wish you all the love, luck and happiness… you truly deserve it.

Caron Kirkham

Changing Minds Co-ordinator and Enjoying Derby Project Manager Derbyshire Mind

I recently engaged Sharon Bull for a mental health event on behalf of Changing Minds – a multi-agency partnership who address the issues of stigma around mental health and raise awareness of mental health problems.

Sharon was a pleasure to work with. She attended planning meetings, site visits and prepared well for the event. She helped with advertising the event on social media, interviews with local publications and two radio interviews. On the day of the event, she arrived in plenty of time to set up and sort out the equipment. Her performance was amazing. It was based on poetry that she had written about her life and her mental health problems and her recovery journey. She made us laugh, she inspired us, the whole experience was very heart-warming. She was very clear and explained quite complex psychological issues in a really simple, down to earth way. I would recommend her to anyone who wants to fully engage an audience in the often-thorny subject of mental health and recovering from mental health.

Debbie Rutter

Staveley St John Ambulance Cadets

I just wanted to say a massive thank you Sharon for your inspirational talk, presentation, and interaction with Staveley St John Ambulance cadets.

We all thoroughly enjoyed it and it certainly gave us all something to think about. Wishing you continued success and good luck with your book launch in August.

Tanya Waldron

Deputy Headteacher Spalding High School

As part of our PSHCE programme and commitment to talking about mental health, we were delighted to welcome Sharon Bull to Spalding High School.

Sharon is an engaging, warm speaker who thoroughly captivated her audience for every minute of her hour-long presentation to Year 8 pupils and staff on anxiety, mental health and social media. Sharon’s talk was positive and upbeat and pitched at exactly the right level for her audience. Sharon shared her personal experiences, which really brought the presentation to life and importantly finished with some excellent practical advice for the pupils. It was amazing and uplifting to hear a hall full of 150 Year 8 pupils and staff shouting out ‘Don’t let anyone say you can’t, because you can!’ We very much look forward to working with Sharon and with the Shaw Mind Foundation again in the future.

Suman Sharma

Head of Year 11 – Belper High School

Through Sharon’s warm and engaging delivery, students listened attentively.

Sharon’s poem particularly resonated with the Year group with over 90% of the students, openly expressing similar sentiments felt over time. What followed was a very honest and yet subtle message about life not all being as it seems and how perceptions play such a huge downfall in our society. Through Sharon’s warm and engaging delivery, students listened attentively. They left the session feeling empowered to make positive choices about how they take care of their mental health and how important it is to give someone their hand in times of difficulty.

Kirsty Price

YR 11 Teacher, The Samworth Church Academy, Mansfield

The session was well run, the use of poetry is known to connect better than normal speech and I am sure this resonates. With some of the students. I could easily see myself in a lot of it.

Sharon commands the room well, deals with the more challenging behaviour, as well as being an engaging speaker.  The topic is an important one, it is addressed well within the hour the students are in the session. Students are given time to reflect themselves and I am sure for at least one student per session, it has made a difference to them. 

Bec Haynes

Happy Café (Derby)

Sharon very kindly gave up her time to come and speak at the Happy Cafe.

She was a passionate and engaging speaker who offered a message of hope. Her willingness to share her personal story was incredibly generous and she inspired those who came to listen. Thank you, Sharon.

Feedback from some of the attendees of the Happy Cafe talk.

A truly inspirational talk by a caring, kind and motivational individual. Thank you.

A passionate speaker! Thank you.

Are you me? Really enjoyed your energy!

Sharon was very inspiring. Really enjoyed it.

Great speaker. Provoked some real considerations about things I can do that might help my well-being & happiness.

What a great speaker – very much enjoyed my evening.

Enjoyed myself. Thank you. Has helped me. Some things what have been mentioned are true.

Enjoyed talk. Lots of positive things to take away.

I really liked the Happy Cafe. It was nice to hear about mental health and useful tips to be mindful and focus on things that you enjoy.

A really enjoyable, positive and friendly evening. Looking forward to coming again.

Alison Waring

Hoarding Support Worker, Jigsaw Support Scheme

Sharon Bull came to Jigsaw’s mental health support group yesterday to talk to clients that are all hoarders.

They all appreciated a speaker that truly understands the condition. Thank you so much hope and I both our charities can work together in the future

Josephine T

Chesterfield College Staff POY Workshop

A Space to Think And Feel

Sharon provided a space to freely think and feel, and to self evaluate my worries and concerns.

Jan B

Chesterfield College Staff POY Workshop

Would Recommend Whole-heartedly

Well delivered. Self reflection time supported & would recommend whole – heartedly. It would be good to see this sort of workshop in schools to support the younger generation and inspire them to take ownership of their own journey. Give them confidence to be themselves.

Millie W

Chesterfield College Staff POY Workshop

Feel Inspired

A great way to feel inspired and start a journey of ‘self-worth.’

Sarah V

Chesterfield College Staff POY Workshop

Realising Your Worth

A great thought-provoking workshop that makes you realise your own worth and belief in yourself – even in difficult times. Sharon is absolutely lovely and a great speaker and presenter.

Zulaikha S

Chesterfield College Staff POY Workshop

Super Insightful

The Power of YOU is super insightful and helps you to figure out yourself in your current circumstances. If you feel lost or struggling, please give this a go!

Tiffany J

Chesterfield College Staff POY Workshop

Thought Provoking

The Workshop was very thought provoking. It really gets you to look into yourself. Makes you consider your wellbeing and what positive things surround you.

Dan S

Chesterfield College Staff POY Workshop

It Opened My Mind to Approaching Things In A Different Way

The Workshop allowed me to think about things I wouldn’t usually, as well as then allowing them to be explored in different ways. It has opened my mind to approaching things in a different way.


The Green

The Course has Been Supportive

Going through a difficult time, the course has been supportive and made me see relationships in a different way.


The Green

Fantastic Course

Fantastic Course! I feel more understood and have some tools to help me. Living in the NOW and it okay not to be okay. Sharon is so kind and warm. Felt at ease.


The Green

Sharon is Very Inspiring

Sharon is very inspiring and it was great to meet like-minded ladies.


The Green

New Skills and Mindset

Such an empowering, motivating workshop! I have taken away new skills and mindset.


The Green

A Very Empowering Process

I would highly recommend this workshop as it is a very empowering process, which has helped me to reassess my life, values and my own power.

Elizabeth M

Just Wanted To Say Thank you

If anyone hasn’t done this course, I really recommend it


Sharon, I just wanted to say thank you so much for your wise words and your time spent with me whilst doing The Power of You. If anyone hasn’t done this course, I really recommend it. I feel so much better, and I have been feeling at the end of my tether from February this year. I just hope it stays with me.

Michelle W

The Power Of YOU Brings People Together

A lovely group which engages women to share their own experiences

The Power Of YOU brings people together in the community. It is a lovely group, which engages women to share their own experiences. It’s a shame I missed part 1, but I am hoping to go online.



Ann B

I Felt At Ease In The Room

What was said made me really think

I felt at ease in the room and allowed to talk when I wished. What was said made me really think about my life & how I want to go forward from now.

Sue H

The Power of YOU Is Eye Opening

You are encouraged to join in the group conversations, so that is nice

The Power of YOU is eye-opening. It makes you look at your inner-self and helps you overcome some of your mental anxieties. You are encouraged to join in with the group conversations, so that is nice.

Megan W

Hearing Their Experiences

I really enjoyed getting to know new people and hearing their experiences.