The team consists of:


Sharon Bull is the founder and director of Compassionate Voices CIC. Registered in July 2019, the charitable organisation has already helped hundreds of women during the pandemic period.

Also the author of Stripped Bare and the creator/facilitator of the highly recommended The Power OF YOU, This Is ME and the upcoming Because You CAN Workshops, Sharon has always been passionate about helping others. She kept her lived-in experiences with mental health issues hidden for over thirty years. This included depression, anxiety, low self esteem, addiction and debt. Sharon now believes our shared life-stories can help others in similar situations. This ethos is behind all her work and the Compassionate Voices Community.   

Sharon is also a huge animal lover and decided to live a vegan lifestyle in 2014.  Her favourite charities being Animals Asia and Woodland Nook Cat Rescue.




Caron Kirkham’s  passion is working on herself and with other people to improve and maintain  mental health and wellbeing.  She has been lucky to have spent the last thirty years doing just this in her role as a counsellor, teacher, coach, community development worker and currently as a mental health first aid instructor.  Caron has worked on some brilliant projects and met some amazing people.

“I am looking forward to continuing that journey as part of  the team and Compassionate Voices.”