The team consists of:


Sharon Bull

Sharon Bull is the founder and director of Compassionate Voices CIC. Registered in July 2019, the charitable organisation has already helped hundreds of women during the pandemic period.

Also an inspirational speaker, author of Thirty Years in Silence and the creator of the highly recommended The Power OF YOU Wellbeing and Empowerment Workshop.

Sharon has always been passionate about helping others. She kept her lived-in experiences with mental health issues hidden for over thirty years. This included depression, anxiety, low self esteem, addiction and debt. She now believes our shared life-stories can help others in similar situations. This ethos is behind all her work and the Compassionate Voices Community.

A huge animal lover, in 2014 she decided to live a vegan lifestyle. Her favourite charities being Animals Asia and Woodland Nook Cat Rescue.


Jacqueline Smith

Jackie lives in Chesterfield and has been a member of Compassionate Voices since early 2021. She has been a volunteer for various charities over a number of years, as a trustee and treasurer. Jackie is self- employed as a business consultant, having worked in International Trade for over 30 years.


Julie Waring

In the last 30 years Julie has honed her skills in various agencies, repro houses and design studios in the East Midlands. One of the founding partners of Tribe Design, this gave her the most rounded experience of all. “Directing a design team could be extremely rewarding, but it didn’t give me quite the same buzz as when I immerse myself into a design project.” Julie made the decision to return to her grass roots as a designer. Her creativity had been enriched by working with the some incredibly talented, warm and inspiring people from large corporates, public sector, to SMEs and charities covering B2B, B2C and FMCG.
“Being a Graphic Designer has been a constant source of learning. I’ve had the opportunity to get involved with brands which have given me the chance to learn new ideas, skills and keep fresh. I’ve enjoyed getting to know their personas, and finding the nuances that make them all individual.”

Julie has discovered so much along the way, from blending the finest teas, making the tastiest chocolate to helping farmers encourage biodiversity. Many of the projects she has worked on have become interests close to her heart including mental health, wellbeing and the environment. These have really sparked her enthusiasm.
At the centre of Julies life is her family. This includes her pet dog, who spends his day sharing the home studio. Julie’s love of all design and creativity is deep rooted. Her Pinterest page is a cacophony of ideas, things and inspiration. She sees creativity everywhere and is greatly influenced by many things from history, art, science to engineering and nature. When it comes to graphics though, Julie is always in awe of simple well executed design.

Julie and Sharon met in the Summer of 2019 and worked together remotely throughout Covid. Julie instantly recognised what Sharon was trying to achieve and since this time has been responsible for all the organisation’s amazing design work.