and she will cover delicate issues, such as depression, anxiety, addiction, and debt in a manner that is positive, relaxed and encouraging. Sharon is passionate about raising awareness to mental health. She wants to kick out the stigma attached to mental illness and uses her talks to do just that. Her talk packages can be adapted to suit most audiences, and timescales for all presentations are easily adapted too.


Sharon has been delivering talks since 2012. Her innovative style has secured key-speaker bookings at mental health seminars, conferences, festivals, and business wellbeing events. More recently, including Nottinghamshire Police.

Book Sharon as either a no-frills speaker, or with the aid of slides, images, verse, and music. Either way, Sharon’s experiences, mixed with her three h’s – honesty, humour and humility will take the audience on a surprising, yet inspirational journey.


More recently, High Schools and Colleges have booked Sharon to share her story with students. Mental health issues can be an exceedingly difficult subject to broach, but hearing from someone who has lived-in experiences offers more understanding. Her story also highlights to younger people the ramifications of not speaking out and living in silence.

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Thirty Years in Silence

Book Sharon as a speaker to discuss mental health awareness, wellbeing and happiness at your conferences, health and wellbeing events, or with your employees and students. The package can also include interactive taster sessions from the highly recommended ‘The Power of YOU’ Wellbeing & Empowerment Workshop.

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