This is ME Workshop & journal is a fun way for girls to discuss such issues as body image, anxiety, depression, panic attacks and the after effects from the covid pandemic much more easily.

The journal’s beautifully laid out sections will take attendees on a step by step journey, asking easy questions to enable discussion about emotions and fears. The workshop/journal also focuses on positivity and discusses future hopes and aspirations.

Map to Fantastique Workshop & journal is a great follow on to ‘This is ME’.  The gorgeously designed journal contains over 20 wellbeing & empowerment mapping pages, some guided and some blank. These will help girls to navigate their own path and  consider their feelings & emotions.

Both workshops are funded by BBC Children in Need and are free for girls (11 – 18 years of age) residing in the Derbyshire area. This is ME can be broken down into 2 or 3 sessions. ( Overall running time 4.5 – 5 hrs). Map to Fantastique. ( 1.5 – 2 hrs)

To find out more about This is ME/Map to Fantastique please email

Compassionate Voices CIC have safeguarding polices for young people and children, and all facilitators are DRB checked.

” Year 8 had the pleasure of Sharon speaking to them last week as part of their PHSCE provision. The presentation was engaging and more importantly, empowering!! As a collective of both students and tutors, we left with raised awareness and increased positivity. Thank you, Sharon. “

Harriet Lee, Head of Year, Spalding High School

Comments from Year 8s…

“I thought that Sharon was an amazing speaker to have. I liked her because she didn’t pressure anyone to share but she shared her personal experiences to make us feel more comfortable. She also normalised talking and that it makes us feel better when we talk. My favourite thing she did was writing a love note to ourselves to read when we have bad days. also think it was great that she included the teachers.”

Student, Year 8

“Sharon made me feel good about myself and helped us all embrace the things we loved about ourselves and that our insecurities are beautiful. She talked about her journey with mental health to let us know that we are not alone. My favourite thing she did was the little love letter to ourselves.”

Student, Year 8

This is ME, Spalding High School

“That you can be who you want to be. Don’t listen to anyone. Go down your own path.”

“Being able to talk.”

“The chosen life board and the paper we put in the shredder.”

“Sharon’s story.”

“Activities & freedom. Interesting talks & honesty.”

“Very fun, a great place to express feelings and to help become more confident.”

“I enjoyed everything, especially the part where we wrote stuff  down and shredded it, and the mood boards too.”

“That you can be what you want to be.”

“Shows that no matter what you’re going through, you’re not alone” 

“Very interesting, and you get to learn a lot.”  

This is ME, Outwood Academy, Newbold