Inspirational Speaker, author, poet, founder of Compassionate Voices CIC & creator of The Power of YOU Wellbeing & Empowerment Programme

Sharon Bull delivered a series of inspirational inputs to colleagues at Nottinghamshire Police.

Sharon shared her personal story which encouraged other individuals to open up about their personal challenges. The input was interactive, well delivered and held the attendees attention throughout the session, especially the Stripped Bare poem. This was enabled by her warm and friendly personality. Colleagues found the input very thought provoking.

Sharon also volunteered to stay after her input and spoke to a number of attendees. We received lots of positive feedback from the attendees and we will consider further opportunities to engage with Sharon.

Jasvir Ginda, Policy & Wellbeing Partner, Nottinghamshire Police

We were delighted to welcome Sharon back to Spalding High School to speak to Year 8 as part of their PSHCE programme, which coincided with World Mental Health Day.

Sharon fully engaged with the students throughout the presentation, which this year included a fifteen minute question and answer session.  Sharon did not have enough time to answer all of the many questions posed by the students but she circulated around the Hall answering as many as she could in a frank, honest and age appropriate way. The students asked some searching and thoughtful questions and whilst many seasoned teachers would shy away from a Q & A with 150 students, Sharon handled it beautifully and it was very successful indeed.

Tanya Waldron, Deputy Head, Spalding High School

Sharon is a great inspirational speaker and one I would recommend.

Sharon joined the Chesterfield Equality and Diversity Forum to celebrate International Women’s Day with us. Sharon spoke with great honesty, sharing her struggles with mental health and how she overcame them and how she now empowers others to overcome barriers and be the best they can be. A mixture of honesty, humour and emotion makes Sharon is a great inspirational speaker and one I would recommend.

Allison Potter, Policy Officer Corporate Directorate, Chesterfield Borough Council

I would highly recommend anyone to attend a workshop/event.

Attending the Fantastique event in Chesterfield on Friday the 19th May was of great benefit to myself, and the student I arranged to take. The talk delivered by Sharon was very informative yet light and understandable, speaking well to all participants including my students.

The students found this a good event and were engaged throughout. Sharon answered questions and took all questions and understanding on board well, not being fazed by some of the outspoken comments my students gave. Demonstrating great communication skills and empathy.

Many of the students we have at Juniper suffer with some form of mental health issue, however many also have other needs. This can make for a more challenging situation. The talk by Sharon brought mental health to the students in an easy and understandable way with no prejudice.

Yvonne Hallam, Tutor, Juniper Training

Thank you for joining us and hosting a great reflection session to celebrate International Women’s Day.

Thank you for sharing your story with us and discussing how you incorporated self-care practises to navigate the rollercoaster of life, you gave us all a valuable insight to be positively unique and strive for our own happiness – it was really inspiring and the poem to end the session was WOW!

Emma Summers, HR Advisor, Home Group

Sharon’s talk was engaging, thought provoking and fun

Sharon came to talk to our staff and volunteers as a keynote speaker to follow our AGM at Citizens Advice Northeast Derbyshire. Sharon was pleasant and professional to deal with from my initial contact with her.

Leanne Smith, Citizens Advice North East Derbyshire

The Presentation was engaging and more importantly, epowering!

Year 8 had the pleasure of Sharon speaking to them last week as part of their PHSCE provision. The presentation was engaging and more importantly, empowering!! As a collective of both students and tutors, we left with raised awareness and increased positivity. Thank you, Sharon.

Comments from Year 8s…

“I thought that Sharon was an amazing speaker to have. I liked her because she didn’t pressure anyone to share but she shared her personal experiences to make us feel more comfortable. She also normalised talking and that it makes us feel better when we talk. My favourite thing she did was writing a love note to ourselves to read when we have bad days. Also think it was great that she included the teachers.” Student, Year 8 

“Sharon made me feel good about myself and helped us all embrace the things we loved about ourselves and that our insecurities are beautiful. She talked about her journey with mental health to let us know that we are not alone. My favourite thing she did was the little love letter to ourselves.” Student, Year 8

Harriet Lee, Head of Year, Spalding High School