Life can be beautiful, just take a look

Its not always as clear as reading a book

Look inside yourself and unpick the seams

Then sew them together with your hopes and dreams


Look inside yourself, what do you see

Cloudy recognition and broken dreams

Look inside yourself, what do you hear

The voice of self loathing and so much fear.


Look inside yourself, what do you feel

Angry & hurt, wounds that wont heal

Look inside yourself, its time to change

unravel your past and rearrange

your thinking into something new that’s positive and right for you.


Look inside yourself, stop overthinking,  procrastinating and slowly sinking

Into yourself, replaying the scene

of who, what, where and what could have been


Look inside yourself for something new, a glimmer, a spark thats peeping through

be brave and grasp it…let it grow, its you…you’ve been hiding – dont you know.


Look inside yourself , no longer hide, its time to let happiness and confidence reside

in the place that pain once always grew

you’re stronger now,  you’re beautifully you.


Look inside yourself and try to find

the hurt that was always there on your mind

you’re sure its there but cant quite see,

through the glorious shine of inner peace.


Look inside yourself now what do you see

Clarity, presence and reality not dreams

Look inside yourself,  now what do you hear

the voice of compassion, welcoming  and clear


Life can be beautiful so just believe

It’s yours alone, not what others perceive

Life can be beautiful, hopeful and bright

Be kind to yourself, you’re doing alright


Rebecca Carley
(Winner of the July/Aug Creations by  Compassionate Voices)
Theme ‘Life Can be Beautiful’