What Is The Power of YOU?

The Power of YOU is a highly acclaimed women’s wellbeing and empowerment programme. It has already received countless recommendations and is also recognised by councils, women’s centres and businesses.

Who Is It For?

The Power of YOU is for women, who are looking for a lifestyle change and a confidence booster. It’s aim is to initiate openness, trust and support for each other. The workshop also gives attendees a gentle reminder that it’s okay to make mistakes and no one is perfect!

COVID19 blighted the year 2020 and as the pandemic ran its dreadful course, the lock-downs and sheer anxiety through uncertainty affected our mental health and physical wellbeing.
Normality does seem to be on the horizon, however, things may have changed in your life. You may have been forced into finding a new job,  could be dealing with the devastating loss of a loved one, or your confidence may have been knocked.  Whatever your situation,  let The Power of YOU Workshop help you through and beyond these difficult times!

Before Coronavirus

The society we live in does little to help the human mind relax. Let’s remind ourselves of some of the stresses we encounter. A few examples might be – parental worries, carer responsibilities, financial difficulties, partnership issues, work disputes, job loss and coping with a mental, or physical illness.

Some of life’s difficulties are unavoidable, but there are so many unnecessary burdens that we force upon ourselves too. A mind constantly in worry is not only bad for our health, but it can also block out the source of our own personal ingenuity. And while many of us have learned that daily exercise and a nutritious diet helps to preserve our bodies, we are still a long way from valuing the importance of conserving the mind.


Up until 23rd March 2020,

in-between our hectic work schedules, we had probably met up with good friends in a favourite wine-bar. Maybe, we had just booked our summer holiday. Perhaps, we had visited a busy shopping arcade to browse for a new outfit, or just reserved a table at a plush restaurant to celebrate a family member’s birthday. We were simply enjoying life as we knew it.


But, suddenly our yoga classes, coffee mornings, fitness groups, network meetings, local gyms and best-loved bistros were no longer an option. Working from home became the new normality, and social distancing a key phrase.

Let’s ask ourselves this too…

Searching for perfection,

Why are we constantly searching for the perfect life, when it simply does not exist?

Why do we often yearn for the qualities within someone else, rather than nurture our own unique talents? We can be so busy envying others and what they have, we barely recognise our own abilities and strengths.


Recognised by  government bodies, charities, women’s organisations and schools, Sharon has helped countless people over the past 8 years. Her 3 h’s – humility, honesty and humour makes Sharon’s delivery unique, and her 30 year struggle with mental health issues instantly caught the interest of the national media. Since starting out in 2012 as an advocate for mental health awareness, compassion and kindness, she has featured in countless publications. The most recognised being Stella Magazine, Bella, Psychologies, Woman’s Own, Scottish Woman, Daily Express and Daily Mirror. Interviews have included ITV’s This Morning with Eammon and Ruth, BBC’s Inside Out and recently BBC Radio 2’s  Jeremy Vine.

Sharon & Jools HollandHer book Stripped Bare was endorsed by Jools Holland MBE and Dr Mark Williamson, Director of Action for Happiness


Just after the first Lock-down ‘The Power of YOU Interactive Journal’ came into fruition.

Just before lock-down, Sharon was already facilitating a successful well-being workshop on behalf of ACV Foundation CIC. Held at Derby Women’s Centre and called ‘The Power of YOU’,
She had to postpone some of the sessions because of the pandemic. The urge to continue the workshop during the lock down period overwhelmed her. The attendees needed these sessions more than ever, and Sharon knew she had to find a way of delivering them on-line. Linking up with a local graphic designer Julie Waring, together they created ‘The Power of YOU Interactive Journal’. The perfect accompaniment to the workshop Zoom sessions.

‘The Power of YOU Interactive Journal’ and workshop is for YOU!

CV19 has brought about an even bigger increase in low self-esteem and mental health issues due to numerous reasons. Isolation, loneliness, domestic abuse, job loss, financial worries, fear of the unknown and even the death of a loved one to the virus.

The purpose of the Workshop is for YOU to find the strength to overcome your personal difficulties. However, depending on the severity of your problems, this journal alone may not be enough. If this is the case, hopefully the workshop will help spur you on to seek further help.

In July 2020 The Power of YOU Workshops received funding from the Coronavirus Community Support Fund, distributed by the National Lottery Community Fund.     
In January 2021, the Compassionate Voices Community received additional funding from the National Lottery Community Fund. This means we can continue helping women who  have been affected in some way by the pandemic. Find out more about the Compassionate Voices Community here 

To find out more about The Power of YOU and the packages available  please  email sharon@acompassionatevoice.co.uk


Never Underestimate the Power of YOU!

“I believe, there is a vast amount of untapped talent hidden away, because we so often fail to recognise our own true potential through a lack of self-esteem.”  –  Sharon Bull ACV