What Is The Power of YOU?


The Power of YOU is a highly recommended women’s wellbeing and empowerment programme. It has already received countless recommendations and is also recognised by businesses, charities and government bodies.

Who Is It For?

The unique journalling programme is for women, who are looking for a lifestyle change, inspiration, and empowerment. It also aims to initiate openness, trust, and support for each other.

“The Power of YOU journal is powerful!” ~ Fatimah R

Using an exquisite interactive journal as a visual aid, The Power of YOU Workshop brings women together and encourages them to own and share their stories. Speaking out about our lived-in experiences not only helps others, but it can also be therapeutic for ourselves too.


We received our initial funding award in October 2019 from Foundation Derbyshire’s PCC Community Investment Fund. We used the grant to deliver the first ‘The Power of YOU’ wellbeing & empowerment workshop at Derby Women’s Centre. Arranged for early spring 2020, we had to transfer the programme online because of the pandemic. Fourteen women attended the workshop, and since this time we have facilitated over forty ‘The Power of YOU’ workshops, reaching out to more than 400 women.

Let’s ask ourselves this…

Why are we constantly searching for the perfect life, when it simply does not exist?
Why do we often yearn for the qualities within someone else, rather than nurture our own unique talents?

We can be so busy envying others and what they have, we barely recognise our own abilities and strengths.
I believe, there is a vast amount of untapped talent hidden away, because we so often fail to recognise our own true potential through a lack of self-esteem.” ~ Sharon Bull
Never underestimate the power of you!

Please note: Compassionate Voices is a wellbeing and empowerment community and does not deliver counselling. All our facilitators are DBS checked and Compassionate Voices CIC has safeguarding procedures in place. For further information about ‘The Power of YOU’ women’s wellbeing & empowerment workshops, please either click on the button below, or email info@acompassionatevoice.co.uk

Thank you.