Registered in July 2019, Compassionate Voices CIC’s mission statement is:


To create a more compassionate society through encouragement of good mental health, openness, and a better understanding of each other.


Agreed by the ACV Foundation team and authorised  by Companies House, ACV Foundation CIC ‘s name was officially changed to Compassionate Voices CIC on the 21st April 2021.

The reason why?

During the pandemic and the three lock downs our focus was predominantly on the mental wellbeing and empowerment of women. Steered by the highly acclaimed ‘The Power of YOU’ Workshop, we reached out to many women nationally. Made possible with support from The Coronavirus Community Fund, a community built across workshop attendees began to emerge. A group of like minded women wanting to support and empower each other through difficult times. With additional funding from the National Lottery Community fund in January 2021, the Compassionate Voices Community has flourished, with over 100 subscribed members.

Going Forward

As the lock down restrictions ease and the shoots of normality are starting to show, our focus is now swiftly moving towards including face to face events into our calendar, alongside our virtual events.  We already have a number of regional hubs already in place to kick start monthly events from July 2021.