ACV Foundation


Any one who has read my book Stripped Bare will know my ulimate goal. As well as continuing to work as a speaker and a writer, over the next couple of years my aim is to set up a charitable organisation called The ACV Foundation. My passion for both the welfare of children (particularly the disadvantaged and vulnerable) and animals, coupled with my determination to try and influence a more compassionate world is the driving force behind this. I have so many ideas to raise money for future events and projects, but I know I cannot do this alone. Although I have past experience in organising fundraising events,(always with a wonderful team of volunteers), my first steps will be baby steps. ACV foundations first two projects are Nature Heals – Connecting children with nature and animals, Halloween 2019 – A compassionate, ethical and fun party for disadvantaged and vulnerable children. These two projects need fundraising ideas,volunteers and an injection of determination, unity and love. If you feel you would like to help in any way at all, please email Together I know we can kick start something wonderful!
Sharon ACV xx