A lost little girl
Always on her own,
Her mummy’s ill in bed
Her loose button must be sewn,
Alone in the playground
No one understands,
She rubs her tired eyes
Drops her head into her hands,

This lost little girl
Exhausted every day,
She hasn’t any friends
As after school she cannot play,
Alone in the playground
Why isn’t life fair?
Once her school-day’s over
Her mummy needs her there,

A lost little boy
Yawns in the class,
His tummy often rumbles
His maths test he will not pass,
Distracted by his hunger
His parents try their best,
Dependant on a food-bank
Their home is repossessed,

This lost little boy
Skinny and pale,
Chews on his pencil
Almost certain he will fail,
Distracted by his hunger
Why isn’t life fair?
He finds it hard to focus
With his parents in despair,

Lost little children
Touched by circumstance,
Vulnerable children
Their future needs a chance,
Alone and distracted
Governed by their fate,
Many live-in poverty
No food on their plate,

Lost little children
In desperate situations,
Disadvantaged children
With no future aspirations,
Alone and distracted
Sometimes without care,
But these are little children
Why shouldn’t life be fair?

© 2018 Sharon Bull

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