A huge thank you to both Sorbo Lounge and Capo Lounge for allowing ACV Foundation CIC to host our fundraisers.

A special thank you also goes out to the kitchen team at Capo for all their biscuits, sweets and cakes yesterday evening, they were thoroughly enjoyed and helped to boost our fundraising.

Thank you to Anna from The Daisy Belles and Gracie Baker for their beautiful voices and to the generosity of those who were brave enough to come out on cold, rainy nights to support. Thank you to Gracie Baker’s dad, who won the name the bear and donated back to the charity. We will be taking Barney to our Halloween party on Saturday. This beautiful big bear is going to make one little child very happy indeed.

My final thanks goes out to mum Jean, Diane, Jeff, Marie, Margaret, Denise and Miss Nottinghamshire Galaxy- Elinore Deneè and the staff at the Lounges for all your help!!

A particular thank you to the Capo team who also donated the quiz night takings. A massive thank you once again to our raffle prize donors VEGAN Happy Clothing, Tesco Extra Chesterfield, Tesco Extra Mansfield, Inspirations Mansfield, Curious Goods, Stella & Ellen, Tranquility Holistic Hair and Spa Treatments, Mansfield Town Football Club, Urban Flamingo, Thyme To Eat, Acuherb Wellbeing Centre, Chesterfield FC, The Body Shop Chesterfield, Co-op Holmehall and Capo Lounge. What superb prizes!

All of your efforts raised almost £200.00 for ACV Foundation. This will be used to help fund our Christmas party and Halloween parties in 2020.


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