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The Power of YOU Workshop’s aim is to initiate openness with each other.  We must remember we are all human, NO ONE is perfect, and EVERYONE makes mistakes.

The Power of YOU Journal

The society we live in does little to help the human mind relax. Let’s remind ourselves of some of the stresses we may have encountered, could encounter, or are encountering now. A few examples might be – parental worries, carer responsibilities, financial difficulties, partnership issues, work disputes and coping with a mental, or physical illness.

Some of life’s difficulties are unavoidable, but there are so many unnecessary burdens that we force upon ourselves. A mind constantly in worry is not only bad for our health, but it can also block out the source of our own personal ingenuity. And while many of us have learned that daily exercise and a nutritious diet helps to preserve our bodies, we are still a long way from valuing the importance of conserving the mind.

We encourage children to compete.

The simple egg and spoon race in early education, soon evolves into relay races at the annual school’s sports days. Even at this stage in our life, we have already started to compare ourselves to others.

Exam results then follow, which now sits alongside possible cyber bulling, or the addiction to social media popularity. Flawless images and heavenly life-style pictures litter the various on-line platforms and endless advertisements try to convince us that we must look and be a certain way. It is no wonder there are high levels of low self-esteem.

Materialism, consumerism, image, and status have played a far bigger role within society than they should. They override much more important factors within our lives and are often the root cause of our insecurities. 

Ask yourself these questions!
Am I constantly searching for the perfect life, when it simply does not exist?
Do I often yearn for the qualities within someone else, rather than nurture my own unique talents?
We can be so busy envying others and what they have, we barely recognise our own abilities and strengths.

Writing was one of several positive changes that aided my transformation and recovery.

The nucleus of The Power of YOU Workshop is its interactive journal. Recognising your fears and realising your true potential is so much easier when written down. Whether you are struggling with mental health issues,  want to break a habit, have more control over your life, change your job, kick start a new venture, or simply follow your heart – the workshop will help you do this.

Created and facilitated by myself (Sharon Bull), I use my own life experiences to guide and empower you through the life-changing exercises. I believe, there is a vast amount of untapped talent hidden away, because we so often fail to recognise our own true potential through a lack of self-esteem.