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Sharon Bull lived thirty years in silence with her mental health issues. She felt isolated and scared. Sharon feared others would treat her differently if they knew about her mental health issues.
“Loneliness can be a state of mind. If we feel separated from society because of our mental health issues, we can feel as lonely as anyone else, even with good friends and family around us.”     

Now, working as an inspirational speaker, author, and the creator/facilitator of ‘The Power of YOU & This Is ME workshops, she is determined to get people talking. Her passion is to help others through her lived-in experiences, whilst also encouraging others to do the same.

In 2019, she also registered a charitable organisation called Compassionate Voices CIC. Since this time, the not-for-profit organisation has helped hundreds of women through ‘The Power of YOU’ wellbeing & empowerment workshop and Step Out monthly events. This has also resulted in a growing online community called ‘Compassionate Voices.’

Published on the 9th May 2022, Sharon’s book ‘Thirty Years In Silence  kick started Mental Health Awareness week.