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'HAPPINESS EXPOSED' in the Scottish Woman Magazine - Sharon's 12 [...]

“I have known Sharon for almost 40 years. If anyone has the capability and personality to lift the lid on mental health, Sharon has. Stripped Bare does just that.”

Jools Holland OBE, Musician / Composer / Television Presenter / Band Leader

“We all hit brick walls in our lives. Sometimes we are saved by others.. Sometimes by ourselves.

I think ultimately the most complete healing comes from self-assessment which, more often than not, reveals the path to healing oneself. I found Sharon Bull’s book full of personal insights which confirm this belief. This is an honest and revealing book with a determined path to healing. Sharon has a lot to say and she says it brilliantly. I recommend it highly.”

Peter Egan, British Actor / Animal Advocate

“Sharon Bull has climbed bravely out of a painful abyss, and now shares her honest and vulnerable story with the world.

Finding comfort in compassion, solace in serenity, and strength in unconditional love, Sharon’s life has been saved and inspired by the exquisite beauty of nature and our animal kin. As we rescue them, they rescue us, and so the ripples spread.”

Jill Robinson MBE, Founder & CEO of Animals Asia Foundation

“A wonderful and honest account of one woman´s struggles with anxiety and depression showing that there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Optimistic and heart-warming.”

Susie Pearl, Author of Instructions for Happiness and Success

“Brave and inspiring. Sharon’s story is a great reminder to let go of external expectations and focus on the things that really matter. As she has discovered, real happiness comes from within.”

Dr Mark Williamson, Director of Action for Happiness

“In Stripped Bare, Sharon has perfectly communicated how the stresses our modern day lives, fuelled by materialism and greed can demonise us…

And how the constant strive to ‘have it all’, whatever that means, may cause or exacerbate mental health illnesses. Through her experiences she demonstrates how the tranquillity and beauty of the natural world and wildlife can help us live a more settled, less stressful life, and we’d all like that. Perhaps some of us just haven’t realised it yet.”

Judy Puddifoot BVetMed MRCVS, TV Vet on ‘Trust Me I’m A Vet’ / Presenter / Speaker and Animal Welfare Advocate

“Sharon Bull’s Stripped Bare is a truly inspirational book.

A universal story of hope and joy – not just for those who feel financially squeezed. We covered Sharon’s story for BBC Inside Out and got a phenomenal reaction from the viewers.”

Rob Whitehouse, Producer Whitehouse Media
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