Jane Pangbourne is the founder of Menopausal Not Mad® and The HRT Truth Collective

A Peri Menopause Educator, Jane delivers Practical no-nonsense HRT & Menopause advice and over the past eighteen months she has been a firm favourite with our community. Many of  our ladies have benefited from her excellent advice.


Jane Pangbourne helps women all over the world to find a practical solution to all things HRT and Menopause related. She founded Menopausal Not Mad® as a natural progression from her 30+ years of working within the personal growth and nutrition industry, and her own experiences of being peri and now post-menopausal.

Jane is an affiliate of the British Menopause Society (BMS) and a qualified tutor, and nutritionist, with several menopause certifications.

You can find out more about Jane HERE 

Jane spends most of her time dispelling the myths about peri menopause, informing women on the facts about HRT and quickly getting to the bottom of their challenges. When she’s not helping with female health challenges, she’s updating her own knowledge and is currently completing her Level 6 certification as a Women’s Health Practitioner.

Some words from Jane:

“I feel privileged to support Compassionate Voices in raising the profile of menopause education and support.

We don’t need to suffer due to the hormone deficiency of peri and post menopause. We merely need to understand the facts and how best to access the most effective support from our doctor, whilst feeling in control of our bodies”



How can you easily find Jane?

Email her on: jane@menopausalnotmad.co.uk

View the Website: www.menopausalnotmad.co.uk

Like the Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/menopausalnotmad/


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