The Compassionate Voices Community is a thriving, women’s only, wellbeing & empowerment group, and at the heart of its success is ‘The Power of YOU Workshop’. The highly acclaimed programme through funding has helped, inspired, and brought together hundreds of women over the past few years and continues to do so now.

The key to Compassionate Voices growth & success is our understanding of each other. The Power of YOU Workshop and its interactive journal gives attendees the courage to share their experiences with each other. The participants rebuild together and soon realise they were never alone. Their newfound confidence crosses over into the community, where sharing our stories is a passion.

Sharon Bull, inspirational speaker and author is the founder & director of Compassionate Voices CIC. Sharon registered the not for profit communities interest company in July 2019 and created the online ladies only community in May 2020. Her main aim was to keep attendees of The Power of YOU Workshop connected during the initial lock down period. Since this time and during some of the most difficult months, the community has taken on its own identity. With The Power of YOU wellbeing and empowerment Workshop still at its core, the community also has a monthly online calendar of events with members at the helm.

Now, with the help of a team around her, the community is also stepping out of the zoom boxes and hosting monthly peer support sessions in the East Midlands. We hope that as the community grows, these Step Out sessions will multiply across England

If you would like to be part of this wonderful community please follow the link below for further information