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Another amazing breakthrough for Animals Asia! Elphant rides are a thing of the past in Vietnam's Yok Don National Park, replaced by the country's first and only ethical elephant tours. A HUGE well done to AA's animal welfare team and let's hope it inspires others to follow! XX

Animals Asia
As the autumn tourist season takes off in Vietnam, the country's first ethical elephant tours have begun.

The elephants in Yok Don National Park used to be chained all day waiting for tourists who they would have to carry round the park.

They had no opportunity to interact with each other, to forage in the forest, to drink from rivers or to roam freely.

Thanks to the work of Animals Asia’s Animal Welfare team and funding from Olsen Animal Trust, the elephants now roam free. They play with each other, they search for the food they want to eat, and they never have to give rides to tourists.

Visitors trek through the forest to observe the elephants behaving naturally in the wild.

It's a unique and breathtaking experience for any visitor and it has completly changed the lives of the elephants.

Elephant rides only exists because tourists are willing to pay for them. If tourist choose ethical tours instead, the rides will stop.

You have the ability to choose compassion and change the world.
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I want to take this opportunity to thank everyone for all your love, positivity and kindness with regards to my work and my recently published book Stripped Bare. The past few weeks have been extremely hectic, and so I am going to take a few days respite from social media etc to recoup, revitalise and catch up on some writing and reading.
I am already working very hard to complete a follow up book to Stripped Bare called China Steps and I am also really excited about a fictional story that I started a few years ago called 'The Return of Mary Cartwright' coming together too. A heart wrenching tale, but one with a number of societies issues highlighted, and without giving away too much detail has a truly heartwarming and inspirational ending.
Wishing everyone a fabulous weekend. I leave you with one of my favourite photos, beautiful boy Joey, who is fortunate to live with lovely Carole Webb at the wonderful FARS Warwickshire. I am so looking forward to giving my favourite ram a huge big cuddle in the not too distant future. Much love to you all
Sharon ACV XX
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