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Today's the day! XXA HUGE happy publication day to Sharon Bull 'A Compassionate Voice', whose wonderful memoir, Stripped Bare publishes TODAY!

Sharon hit rock bottom when she found herself in huge debt as a result of a shopping addiction. Having suffered from mental struggle for decades, Stripped Bare tells the inspirational story of how Sharon found peace and fulfilment in swapping credit for compassion.

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The perfect synopsis in verse...

This is the story about me.
But what you might see
and recognise within me,
Is perhaps a part of you too?

Because you see, we can all look at each other
and think wow she’s got it good,
Because you see, it’s how we paint the picture
We must fit in, be understood,
We play our roles the best we can
to put a show on for one another,
And even though it’s totally wrong
our true self we often smother,
We feel alone, we all compete
we search for praise and glory,
And when our life turns upside down,
We repeat the same sob story

Because you see, we can all look at each other
and think hey, he’s looking good,
Because you see, it’s how we paint the picture
We must fit in, be understood,
Our world is from perceptions,
We create images of who people are,
So, at any given moment
They can change from a hero, into a villain and then a star,
And perhaps we think we need them
And perhaps they feel the same,
But either way we are encouraged to always stay
one step ahead of the game,

Because do we really trust them
Our past issues tell us no,
But is it fair to base, compare
On what we really should let go,
What we see are our illusions,
And we all try to smother and cover
The vulnerable side we wish to hide
as we play charades with one another,

People look at me and see confident
They see relaxed and self-assured,
But behind this glint, behind this smile
I can tell you it’s been a fraud,
Then others say she’s glamorous
they must queue at least a mile,
Well here’s a little secret
I’ve never once walked down the aisle,
And then they say “It’s time to pray
because she hasn’t married yet,”
But here’s the thing, there is no ring
because we simply haven’t met,
And then in the past, it’s been eccentric
unhinged and slightly loopy,
Because I didn’t blend in with the high-street mass
I couldn’t be a fashion groupie,
And depression stank and I’d like to thank
The few who understood,
At times life’s unkind, sometimes jinxed
But with inner strength it can turn good,

So, this is me stripped bare
Beneath the lipstick and underwear,
This is me exposed,
Determined and now transposed
from a darkened place to a place of light
And this I have to share,
Because whatever your plight, you can overwrite
When you’re mindful and aware,

So, tell me are you happy
Tell me are you sad,
The chances are you’re in-between
Maybe fearful, sometimes glad,
And perhaps an outside situation
has changed your inner mood,
But all you need, it comes from within
The rest is misconstrued,
And no one needs possession
Of others or of things,
Let go of hurt and grievances
It’s amazing what this brings,

Because you see it’s time we all loved one another
No matter what we see,
Because appearances are deceptive
I’m sure you will agree,
We put strangers in marked boxes
Create labels to identify,
Often based on our own personal principles
Our life’s morals to satisfy,
But the influences are all around us
The media have their views,
Social sites can corrupt, distort things
And negativity is headline news,

But we cannot know how the next man feels
We should only hold out our hand,
Because if we share our love, show compassion
This will help us to understand,
Because you see it’s time, we all loved one another
and leave judgement by the door,
And although it’s me I’ve let you see
I’m almost certain you’ll see more!

©Sharon Bull
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