Inspirational Speaker, Author, Poet, Activist


We tend to seek happiness


but without happiness


it can only be short-lived


I didn't think I could possibly help to make a difference,

but we can all help to make a difference!


While we have hope,

there will always be a way!


We are all connected to nature and wildlife,

but equally,

we are all connected to each other.

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Inspirational Speaker, Author, Poet, Activist.

There Is a Way

“In 2010 I woke up!”

It was an extremely difficult time for me because I lost almost everything, including my life. But it’s in adverse times we grow and learn, even though we don’t see it at the time.

I had listened to my ego far more than my heart, but yet in both body and soul I was always far more uplifted when the goals I set for myself, were in place to help make a difference for others.

It hasn’t been easy to tell a story that has travelled across three decades and then just as I turned my first half century culminated into the most life changing experiences.

‘There Is a Way.’ A book which shares much more than a life story!