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Mental health issues within our younger generation must be made a priority!

My mental health problems began in my late teens and because the issues were never fully resolved, I lived with serious problems for thirty years. After my breakdown and attempted suicide in 2011, my own lifestyle changes transformed my wellbeing. Now, working as an inpirational speaker and author of Stripped Bare (swapping credit for compassion) I am thrilled to be kick-starting a series of talks in schools and colleges. Starting with Belper High School, I am hoping I can help make a difference for children and young people.
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If I was to walk in your shoes
I perhaps would not get very far,
This journey is only for you
and makes you the person you are,

If I was to tell your tale
I’d simply portray with my views,
This is a story created by you,
My story is the one that I choose,

Yet should we walk hand in hand
in an adventure, totally unplanned,
One journey would strengthen as two,
There’d be nothing we couldn’t pursue,

And if we swapped shoes on the way
Taking care, we each didn’t stray,
Understanding would then commence,
As our stories begin to make sense.

© 2013 Sharon Bull
Picture credit Annunna1
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