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This Christmas time,
PLEASE think of those,
With little income to dispose
on yuletide goodies, festive treats,
Toys and gifts, or even sweets.

For some families Christmas will intrude,
As they can ill afford to buy their food,
Clothe their children, heat their home,
Or for some it’s on the streets they’ll roam.

This Christmas time,
PLEASE think of those,
Who’s loved ones vanish and know ones knows,
Without a trace, but just in case,
The posters placed to show their face.

For some families Christmas is a chore,
When they have children out at war,
Will prayers be answered, will fighting cease
With siblings back and in one piece,

This Christmas time,
PLEASE think of those,
Whom through a loss their life has froze,
Past festive times, memories taunt,
With perfect moments back to haunt.

For some their Christmas feels a sham,
With thoughts that most don’t give a damn,
Low in spirits and without any cheer,
In isolation they hide in fear,

This Christmas time,
PLEASE think of those,
When the crackers pull and the vino flows,
As we tuck into our festive meal,
Let’s think of others and how they feel.

So, this Christmas time let’s think of those,
And share our love in the hope it grows,
Let’s sprinkle joy, deliver peace,
And pray for suffering now to cease!

©Sharon Bull
Author of the self-help memoir 'Stripped Bare'
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