This Is ME Journal is aimed at 11 -15 year olds. The journal’s 16 beautifully laid out sections will help young people discuss COVID19 and its impact more easily. It will take them on a step by step journey through the covid19 period. Each section will ask questions to enable discussion about their emotions and fears, but also draws on some of the positives that have come from the pandemic too. This Is ME then moves away from the pandemic, focusing on future hopes and aspirations.


This Is ME  Workshop

Many young people are struggling emotionally because of the COVID19 pandemic.
This Is ME journal is also part of a remote wellbeing workshop being used in schools as  part of their PHSE curriculum. Older students do not miss out, the highly acclaimed  Power of YOU workshop has an adapted version.
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“Sharon delivered two full days of sessions sharing her interactive journals with small groups of students from Years 7 -13.  Despite the necessity to deliver the sessions remotely, Sharon’s warm and engaging manner encouraged the students to open up and share their thoughts and feelings.  Many of the students are going to struggle with the return to school and so these sessions were timed perfectly to help support them with the transition.”

Tanya Waldron
Deputy Head of Spalding High School