The Power of YOU Starter Pack  is a perfect uplifting & empowering gift for a friend, loved one, family member, or yourself!

For just £27.50 ( inclusive of p & p ) receive the 2021 updated version of ‘The Power of YOU’ journal alongside the ‘Life Can Be Beautiful’ notebook and the ‘Positivity Postcard Pack!’

Make life style changes with the help of the  journal’s 21 easy step-by-step exercises. Linked to the highly acclaimed ‘The Power of YOU Workshop’, please book your free place on one of the up and coming online workshops.

The 21 easy step-by-step exercises will help you make changes!

Let The Power of YOU Starter Pack help guide you out of these difficult and unprecedented times with a better understanding of YOU, and what you want to achieve!

Written by Sharon Bull – Inspirational speaker, lifestyle coach and author of Stripped Bare. Sharon uses her own experiences as guidelines through-out  the book.

“I love the way the journal was set out with the prompts, poetry and art work. I found being able to write down my thoughts very cathartic, as parts of the journal were thought provoking, and allowed me the opportunity with compassion to be able to release anything that no longer served me.”~ Laura

“The journal I found very good tool and is excellently put together and really makes you think & address your thoughts.”~ Heidi

“The Journal guided me through testing times.” ~ Gemma

“The power of you journal is really powerful! Overall, visually it is lovely with the pictures and easy to read with the inspirational quotes.
As I worked through the journal I thoroughly enjoyed reading Sharon’s story, which was very inspiring. It made me think and reflect on my experiences. This is the best journal I have come across especially as it is interactive. I would recommend this to every woman to complete at what ever point they are in life.” ~ Fatimah

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