21 easy step-by-step exercises to help you make changes!

The Power of YOU interactive journal contains 21 easy step by step exercises to help you make changes. It’s a great opportunity to evolve from these difficult and unprecedented times. A valuable tool for a better understanding of YOU, and what you want to achieve!

When completing this beautifully designed 56 page downloadable journal, it will help you recognise your fears. At the same time, it can also give understanding of what is holding you back.

The journal’s initial exercises encourage thought provoking and revealing ways to face underlying issues. These exercises are followed by inspirational ideas to achieve a more fulfilled life.

The Power of YOU  Journal can help with low self-esteem and mental health issues. Additionally, it can also assist in breaking a habit, starting a new venture, or making changes in difficult situations.

About Me

In September 2013, I set up in self-employment as an inspirational speaker, writer, ( now published author of Stripped Bare) and poet. Working under the name  ‘A Compassionate Voice,’ my sole purpose has been to creatively help others. Through my own experiences with mental health issues and recovery, I fully understand the pitfalls of not speaking out. My talks are a popular addition at mental health seminars and well-being festivals. Mental health issues can be a very delicate subject to broach with the younger generation, but more recently I been asked to share my journey at High Schools and Colleges. Hearing from someone who has lived-in experiences does seem to offer much more understanding to the students.


A couple of weeks ago I completed the Power of You Course. I attended the first two face to face sessions and the remainder online with Sharon. An extra session booked to make sure I was okay.

Being able to do this has been a game changer for me, as I have finally had the confidence to change a few things that will make my working life better. I couldn’t have done it without this course and the support from Sharon. I still have work to do on my self esteem and lack of confidence issues but I will keep using the journal to address these. I really would recommend The Power of You.
Thanks Sharon for all your support and encouragement.

Sharon Holbrooke


The power of you workshop has made me realise how far I have come on my own personal journey and having to cope with my own poor mental health. Sharon is so inspiring.

Maz Barker


I would recommend this to every woman to complete at what ever point they are in life.

The power of you journal is really powerful! Overall visually it is lovely with the pictures and easy to read with the inspirational quotes.
As I worked through the journal I thoroughly enjoyed reading Sharon’s story, which was very inspiring. It made me think and reflect on my experiences. This is the best journal I have come across especially as it is interactive. I would recommend this to every woman to complete at what ever point they are in life. I have been part of Sharon’s group sessions which have been really supportive and have complimented completing the journal. The whole package of group sessions and the journal to work through is amazing. Thank you Sharon for sharing your experiences and inspiring me.

Fatimah Razak


When I began “The Power Of You” workshop I was struggling with low self esteem, depression and anxiety.

I had previously tried to lift my self up but failed many times.
From the first time meeting Sharon at the workshop I was impressed by her honesty, warmth and passion for what she does.
The Journal guided me through these testing times and I have achieved many things during the 6 sessions.
I had times when I struggled with sections but with the support from Sharon and the group I completed them all.
I can’t thank Sharon enough for her continued support and guidance.
Its comforting knowing that when a period of darkness hits me I have Sharon and the journal to turn to!

Gemma Clarke


I initially attended the first two of Sharon’s Power of You workshop sessions at Derby Women’s Centre,

and then continued online via Zoom due to the Covid 19 lock-down.

I found Sharon to be very welcoming and down to earth, which immediately put everyone in the group at ease. Throughout she has been very approachable, compassionate, and empathetic. She has delivered the workshops well, both in person and online.

The online journal is absolutely beautiful, and I really enjoyed working my way through it. It has certainly helped me gain more insight, self-awareness and has improved my mental health considerably. I now have a better understanding of myself and have some practical steps to enable me to move forward in a more positive way.

Sharon’s commitment as she guided us through the program, sharing her knowledge, experience, and refreshing sense of humour, has been second to none. I highly recommend the Power of You to anyone struggling with, or wanting to improve, their mental health.

Linda Shearman


I’ve absolutely loved working through the ‘Power of You Journal’ with Sharon.

Even before I opened it, I felt better. Content is good and inspiring with a range of useful articles and beautiful poetry written by Sharon herself.

Despite being nervous, I was excited at the same time. For years I’ve carried negative emotion around with me that has held me back, yet through our one- to-one sessions I have learnt that through healing I can let go of a little bit more here and there! It has taught me how to choose my own directions, grow as a person, set goals, achieve them, and celebrate!

I’m so grateful to Sharon to have shared her journey with me. Here’s to unlimited happiness, this is not the end, but just the beginning!

Lisa Ball-Wood


I really enjoyed The Power Of You programme,

it has sustained me through an uncertain period and encouraged me to think about my goals and how my past is still affecting my aspirations and dreams, even from childhood. I’ve been given healthy coping strategies and simple but effective ways of banishing negative thoughts and feelings.

Sharon’s honesty and humour is refreshing, she is an authentic facilitator and this is the unique aspect of this programme, she has lived it and is coming from a place of wanting to uplift and encourage others after rising from her own personal hardships. I’ve been encouraged to engage with others and benefited from the online growing community Sharon is cultivating.

I would encourage others to sign up for this unique opportunity to put yourself first and think about what you can do, instead of what you can’t. Most of all don’t forget to shout ‘Bubbles’.


Amanda Skrytek


I have recently attended ‘The Power of You’ workshop written, presented and run by Sharon Bull of the ACV Foundation CIC

Inspiring, thought provoking and life changing, this workshop could not have come at a better time. Sharon told her story over a number of weeks (6 in total + an extra session to check how we were coping with the current COVID19 situation) while taking us through the different stages of a journal where we could record our own thoughts, feelings and emotions. Adding humour, her brilliant personality, poetry, and Diane (during the first two sessions) making us lovely cups of coffee and nibbles for lunch this workshop is a must.

Through various exercises in the journal I have been able to face challenging events from my past and let go of some of the baggage I have been carrying around for years. Some parts of the journal,
I found difficult to face at first like ‘Reveal and Heal’ which got me to face my past mistakes to help me move on and start rebuilding my life.
I have very low self-esteem and confidence which is the next issue I want to address, and I plan on using the journal to help me with this. Sharon is passionate about what she does, and she knows her stuff.
It has been a pleasure attending this workshop both in person and online and getting to know both Sharon and Diane. Thank you so much for your support and helping me see I can enjoy life and not
just exist. At the moment I feel FANTASTIQUE!

Angela Fyffe-Collins