Just Wanted To Say Thank you

If anyone hasn’t done this course, I really recommend it


Sharon, I just wanted to say thank you so much for your wise words and your time spent with me whilst doing The Power of You. If anyone hasn’t done this course, I really recommend it. I feel so much better, and I have been feeling at the end of my tether from February this year. I just hope it stays with me.

Elizabeth M

The Power Of YOU Brings People Together

A lovely group which engages women to share their own experiences

The Power Of YOU brings people together in the community. It is a lovely group, which engages women to share their own experiences. It’s a shame I missed part 1, but I am hoping to go online.



Michelle W

I Felt At Ease In The Room

What was said made me really think

I felt at ease in the room and allowed to talk when I wished. What was said made me really think about my life & how I want to go forward from now.

Ann B

The Power of YOU Is Eye Opening

You are encouraged to join in the group conversations, so that is nice

The Power of YOU is eye-opening. It makes you look at your inner-self and helps you overcome some of your mental anxieties. You are encouraged to join in with the group conversations, so that is nice.

Sue H

Hearing Their Experiences

I really enjoyed getting to know new people and hearing their experiences.

Megan W

A Beneficial Course

The Power of YOU is a beneficial course to help people become self aware and understand their own depression and anxiety

Carol G

Moving Forward Into An Empowered, Confident Place

It really helped me to consolidate the therapy I’d already had.

The workshop really helped me to consolidate the therapy I’d already had and move forward into an empowered, confident place where I can focus on my future and express the real me.

Joanne T

The Journal Asks Important Questions.

The Power of YOU is a useful tool to enable and to tease out our issues that are holding us back.

We all have baggage from relationships or life in general and we don’t always realise how that affects us. The journal asks important questions and enables you to answer them in your own way and in your own time. Enabling you to then address the issues brought up and move on with a lighter heart.


Fionnaigh R

It Was Thought-Provoking & Fun Too!

I really found The Power of YOU helpful in getting rid of past grievances

It made me think they’re keeping me stuck in the past and I can let them go. It was thought- provoking and fun too. It was a bit of me-time and I am enjoying filling in the journal.

Ann M

I Recognised My Power

Completing “The Power of You” has given me the ability to recognise my power, and the courage to use it.


Completing “The Power of You” has given me the ability to recognise my power, and the courage to use it. Sharon is such a warm and empowering person. I’m glad I found my tribe”


Jackie S

The Lottery Funded Compassionate Voices/Power of YOU Package

I would highly recommend this course.

I still can’t believe that for £5 a year sharon offers unlimited support…the power of you being the highlight.  Normally a course of this standard would cost a fortune.  If you want to understand yourself more, come to terms with the past and move on with an exciting future this is definitely the course for you. All done with other supportive women and an amazing coach in sharon.

Anne R

Member of CVs

Working with Step by Step Project Ashfield

I can thoroughly recommend this course.


Sharon has worked with the Step by Step Project in Ashfield, delivering the POY workshop to  ladies who have been impacted by the effects of Covid19 and subsequent lockdown.  Step by Step addresses issues around mental health and social inclusion.  Having to take the POY course on-line, Sharon has adapted her interactive course, showing  new ways of working and engaging in an  inclusive way.  This allows participants  a safe space to talk, think and discover more about themselves, along with completing their own reflective journal.   I can thoroughly recommend this course and will be scheduling further courses.



Sylvia P

Step by Step Project Manager

A very positive experience

We need to re-examine our beliefs


It was a very positive experience and would be very helpful for those who feel stuck. The workshop does
a good job of getting you to examine your behaviour and how false beliefs can hold you back. We need to
re-examine our beliefs and understand that they no longer serve us, so a lot of self examination is
required to identify what is holding you back.

Caroline H

It’s a very powerful course and the title is very apt!

Sharon was very welcoming and I really appreciated that.

It’s a very powerful course and the title is very apt. I got some insights and clarity as I worked through the journal again on my won. I think the journal is hugely beneficial if you take your time over it. Thanks again Sharon!   

Claire G

Everyone equal but all different

Sharon from the start was warm and welcoming.

The workshop was refreshing, an easy to follow supportive inspiring space to talk in a non judgemental setting. Empowering,  finding the real me! Giving myself permission and be forgiven for mistakes I have made. No time limits no restrictions. Everyone equal but all different.

Fiona W

Be true to yourself

Thanks Sharon!

“The Power of You ” allows you to be inspired about yourself, look at your inner most thoughts and be true to yourself and be your best self   Many Thanks Sharon!


It is very powerful…

I would highly recommend Sharon’s ‘Power Of You’ Workshop

I would highly recommend Sharon’s ‘Power Of You’ Workshop, to anyone, especially ones, who feel they are at a crossroads in their life and need an ‘uplifting boost’!
It is very powerful – a lot of ‘hidden’ soul searching emerges from within yourself….that you are left feeling astonished! Just by changing your mindset, to positive thoughts and choices it can really help going forward with your journey in life.


DCC Power of YOU

Teaches you to be kinder to yourself

A fabulous course which was thoroughly enjoyable.

Teaches you to be kinder to yourself.  Met a lovely group of ladies who were all very open about their feelings which was remarkable given that we’d never even met.  I would highly recommend.


DCC Power of YOU

The Workshop was Like no other I have attended!

Sharon made it so easy to be comfortable among strangers.

I found myself relating to Sharon’s story and thinking – she is   true inspiration!  The journal is something I will cherish. I have gone back over it several times. The journal is designed for those who like good old fashioned writing or the more electronically inclined.  I have not only been completing the sections, but spending time digging deep and going to some hard places. Oh so powerful when you reach the other side.

It was such an overwhelming feeling of comfort to know that Sharon isn’t one of the inspirational teachers out there, who promise to be with you every step of the journey. She REALLY is there!
‘Bubbles’ is forever etched in my memory!

Claire S

I thoroughly enjoyed!

I thoroughly enjoyed the course!

I found it very helpful and felt completely supported throughout.

Mandy K

It has been everything I wanted and a whole lot more!

I have been inspired and in awe by the Power of You Workshop.

It has been everything I wanted and a whole lot more. I have made lots of lovely connections with like-minded people. I have learnt so much by attending the workshops and It has made me think about the choices we make in life and how we can turn these around within our healing journey. It has also been good to share memories and experiences with people within the workshop. It has been a real learning curve and given me the confidence within myself to achieve more in my life and my spiritual journey.

Andrea G

‘The Power of YOU’ Reconnected Me to My Strength & Resilience

The Power of you came at a time I was struggling.

Working from home meant I was not getting the contact I needed. The conversations based on Sharon’s questions reconnected me to my strength and resilience that isolation had diminished.

Lisa J

Thank you Sharon, it was a pleasure to meet you online!

The Power of YOU Workshops introduce attendees to a gentle insight into mental health and well-being.

With inspirational ideas and thought provoking verse, Sharon has a deep understanding of how empowering positive mental health impacts upon others.

Colleen S

Thank You So Much for The Power of YOU Workshops!

For me personally it was a space to connect with others and have the chance to reflect on myself and to have a really positive focus

Thank you so much for the Power of You workshops! It was lovely to meet others and have the chance to connect. Sharon facilitated it so well to give everyone chance to have a voice. I really enjoyed going through the journal, step by step with really carefully structured guidance and of course the inspirational poems. For me personally it was a space to connect with others and have the chance to reflect on myself and to have a really positive focus.

Mandy H

The Exercises Were Really Beneficial To Me

The journal was beautiful to look at and thoughtfully designed to take you on a journey of self awareness and growth.

I recently completed the Power of YOU course which comprised of three online group sessions and an online journal. The journal was beautiful to look at and thoughtfully designed to take you on a journey of self awareness and growth. I really enjoyed the live sessions and getting to know Sharon and the other women better. The exercises were really beneficial to me and it was very special to go on that learning journey with the support and encouragement of the other women.

Caron K

I Found The Journal A Very Good Tool

I have just finished the Power of you third workshop. Sharon Bull is an excellent host and motivational speaker.

I enjoyed meeting the rest of the group at the workshop. The journal I found very good tool and is excellently put together and really makes you think & address your thoughts. I am looking forward to reading Stripped Bare and more of Sharon’s work.

Heidi M

A Leap Of Faith

Covid 19 has been a trying time for all of us, entering a period of uncertainty in all levels of society.

For a woman in my mid 50’s, who chose to resign from a full-time salaried post during this time, it has been a leap of faith. Sharon’s excellently delivered workshops, delivered to women in a similar situation to myself, has made me not only re-evaluate my life but also drawing on the things that are important to me.

Working through the interactive journal to reflect on what was discussed on-line, has helped to support learning and given a better understanding about our ‘true self’. This is unique to us and Sharon has allowed the group additional support with the social media pages and ongoing support.

Thank you Sharon, I feel that I can dig deep and drawn upon my own personal tool kit to help me cope positively in the next chapter of my life.

Sylvia P

Writing Down My Thoughts Was Very Cathartic

I was fortunate for this to come into my life during a difficult time, giving me a much needed positive focus.

Over the past few weeks I took the opportunity to join the Power of You Workshop and complete the journal.
I was fortunate for this to come into my life during a difficult time, giving me a much needed positive focus. I love the way the journal was set out with the prompts, poetry and art work, the interactive zoom sessions help support you through with extra guidance, shared with like minded people so you don’t feel on your own. I found being able to write down my thoughts very cathartic, as parts of the journal were thought provoking, and allowed me the opportunity with compassion to be able to release anything that no longer served me, which had been a valuable part of my healing process.

I also received a copy of Stripped Bare in the post which I’ve read and been inspired by this week. I want to thank Sharon (ACV) for sharing her story and putting the workshop/journal together, as it’s not only taught me a few things it’s also reminded me of some I’d forgotten. I’ll definitely take away the ‘bubbles’ technique. I look forward to keeping in-touch and reaching out to make some new friends within the Facebook support group. Thank you.

Laura S

A Complete Game Changer.

I would wholeheartedly recommend the workshop to anyone who needs a safe, non judgemental environment in which to get their lives back on the right track.

I have just completed the Power Of You workshop and interactive journal and i have to say that it is a complete game changer. It came at a time in my life when I needed it most, as these things often do. My mental health was suffering and my life was a mess. The workshop and Sharon’s warm and positive guidance allowed me to take a step back, and slowly start to untangle all the issues that have been dragging me down, and for the first time in years I am looking forward to the future. I could never thank her enough. I would wholeheartedly recommend the workshop to anyone who needs a safe, non judgemental environment in which to get their lives back on the right track.

Vicky F

I Feel So Positive About The Future

Sharon is so supportive, welcoming, listens without judgement and has really been so inspirational to me

I have just completed the Power of You Workshop and wanted to share my experience. I found the journal so useful, as it gave me a real focus and really helped me organise my thoughts. The notes and poems in the journal really inspired me to write freely and allow my thoughts to flow. The group sessions were fantastic – even on zoom the time flies by so quickly and it’s lovely to be able to connect with others in the group and hear their thoughts and ideas, and to touch base in between journal exercises.
Sharon is so supportive, welcoming, listens without judgement and has really been so inspirational to me. When I first discovered Stripped Bare almost a year ago, I had been through a huge turning point in my life and was amazed to read about Sharon’s experience. It gave me hope that change was possible, and for the better! The workshop has made me feel so positive about the future and I love that I am now part of the group. The support from everyone is amazing and I can’t wait to see what we can achieve together

Leila H

I Already Feel So Much Better.

I’ve just finished the power of you workshop with Sharon and I wanted to share my thoughts with those starting it and even those who have finished it also.

I already feel so much better. Everyday I am getting more confident and learning to love myself more and seek what I actually deserve instead of what makes others happy. Something I’ve always had trouble with.

I’m adding to my journal still and reading back on it really helps me remember how far I’ve come…. Amazing the difference in me. All my friends and family have noticed. Only a few months ago, I was in a very dark place and although I still have work to do on myself, I’m so proud of where I am now. Not only that but the support from others in the Power of YOU Facebook group and the friends I’ve made has been truly amazing. Thank you to you all but especially Sharon, you really are an amazing inspiration lady

Zoe W

An Amazing Experience

Working through ‘The Power of YOU’ interactive journal has been an amazing experience.

It has inspired and motivated me to make positive changes in my life and I couldn’t have done it without Sharon by my side. It has been one of the most liberating journeys of my life so far… Much Love and Gratitude Karin x

Karin M

I Really Would Recommend ‘The Power Of YOU.’

Being able to do this has been a game changer for me!

A couple of weeks ago I completed the Power of You Course. I attended the first two face to face sessions and the remainder online with Sharon. An extra session booked to make sure I was okay.

Being able to do this has been a game changer for me, as I have finally had the confidence to change a few things that will make my working life better. I couldn’t have done it without this course and the support from Sharon. I still have work to do on my self esteem and lack of confidence issues but I will keep using the journal to address these. I really would recommend The Power of You.
Thanks Sharon for all your support and encouragement.

Sharon H

Sharon Is So Inspiring

The power of you workshop has made me realise how far I have come on my own personal journey and having to cope with my own poor mental health. Sharon is so inspiring.

Maz B

The Power Of YOU Journal Is Powerful!

I would recommend this to every woman to complete at what ever point they are in life.

The power of you journal is really powerful! Overall, visually it is lovely with the pictures and easy to read with the inspirational quotes.
As I worked through the journal I thoroughly enjoyed reading Sharon’s story, which was very inspiring. It made me think and reflect on my experiences. This is the best journal I have come across especially as it is interactive. I would recommend this to every woman to complete at what ever point they are in life. I have been part of Sharon’s group sessions which have been really supportive and have complimented completing the journal. The whole package of group sessions and the journal to work through is amazing. Thank you, Sharon for sharing your experiences and inspiring me.

Fatimah R

The Journal Guided Me Through These Testing Times

When I began “The Power Of You” workshop I was struggling with low self esteem, depression and anxiety.

I had previously tried to lift my self up but failed many times. From the first time meeting Sharon at the workshop I was impressed by her honesty, warmth and passion for what she does. The Journal guided me through these testing times and I have achieved many things during the 6 sessions. I had times when I struggled with sections but with the support from Sharon and the group I completed them all. I can’t thank Sharon enough for her continued support and guidance. Its comforting knowing that when a period of darkness hits me I have Sharon and the journal to turn to!

Gemma C

The Online Journal Is Beautiful

I initially attended the first two of Sharon’s Power of You workshop sessions at Derby Women’s Centre,

and then continued online via Zoom due to the Covid 19 lock-down.

I found Sharon to be very welcoming and down to earth, which immediately put everyone in the group at ease. Throughout she has been very approachable, compassionate, and empathetic. She has delivered the workshops well, both in person and online.

The online journal is absolutely beautiful, and I really enjoyed working my way through it. It has certainly helped me gain more insight, self-awareness and has improved my mental health considerably. I now have a better understanding of myself and have some practical steps to enable me to move forward in a more positive way.

Sharon’s commitment as she guided us through the program, sharing her knowledge, experience, and refreshing sense of humour, has been second to none. I highly recommend the Power of You to anyone struggling with, or wanting to improve, their mental health.

Linda S

This Is Not The End, But Just The Beginning

I’ve absolutely loved working through the ‘Power of You Journal’ with Sharon.

Even before I opened it, I felt better. Content is good and inspiring with a range of useful articles and beautiful poetry written by Sharon herself.

Despite being nervous, I was excited at the same time. For years I’ve carried negative emotion around with me that has held me back, yet through our one- to-one sessions I have learnt that through healing I can let go of a little bit more here and there! It has taught me how to choose my own directions, grow as a person, set goals, achieve them, and celebrate!

I’m so grateful to Sharon to have shared her journey with me. Here’s to unlimited happiness, this is not the end, but just the beginning!

Lisa BW


I really enjoyed The Power Of You programme,

it has sustained me through an uncertain period and encouraged me to think about my goals and how my past is still affecting my aspirations and dreams, even from childhood. I’ve been given healthy coping strategies and simple but effective ways of banishing negative thoughts and feelings.

Sharon’s honesty and humour is refreshing, she is an authentic facilitator and this is the unique aspect of this programme, she has lived it and is coming from a place of wanting to uplift and encourage others after rising from her own personal hardships. I’ve been encouraged to engage with others and benefited from the online growing community Sharon is cultivating.

I would encourage others to sign up for this unique opportunity to put yourself first and think about what you can do, instead of what you can’t. Most of all don’t forget to shout ‘Bubbles’.


Amanda S


I have recently attended ‘The Power of You’ workshop written, presented and run by Sharon Bull of the ACV Foundation CIC

Inspiring, thought provoking and life changing, this workshop could not have come at a better time. Sharon told her story over a number of weeks (6 in total + an extra session to check how we were coping with the current COVID19 situation) while taking us through the different stages of a journal where we could record our own thoughts, feelings and emotions. Adding humour, her brilliant personality, poetry, and Diane (during the first two sessions) making us lovely cups of coffee and nibbles for lunch this workshop is a must.

Through various exercises in the journal I have been able to face challenging events from my past and let go of some of the baggage I have been carrying around for years. Some parts of the journal, I found difficult to face at first like ‘Reveal and Heal’ which got me to face my past mistakes to help me move on and start rebuilding my life. I have very low self-esteem and confidence which is the next issue I want to address, and I plan on using the journal to help me with this. Sharon is passionate about what she does, and she knows her stuff.

It has been a pleasure attending this workshop both in person and online and getting to know both Sharon and Diane. Thank you so much for your support and helping me see I can enjoy life and not just exist. At the moment I feel FANTASTIQUE!

Angela FC