The Power of YOU Intro

 A twenty minute introduction to The Power of YOU Wellbeing & Empowerment Workshop.

During The Power of YOU Intro, you will meet Sharon and be able to ask questions. It’s an opportunity to find out how The Power of YOU can empower you to change your path and mindset. It can also encourage you to find your passion, creativity, and give you the confidence to begin new ventures.

The Power of YOU and Why?


Since February 2020 ‘The Power of YOU’ has helped many women across the UK. Using an exquisite downloadable or printed interactive journal, it is unique in its delivery. By using this journaling visualisation technique, it helps you to overcome obstacles (sometimes you are not aware of) that are stopping you from getting the most out of your life. The same technique is used to encourage you to rewrite how you see yourself now, and the importance of this going forward.




As the facilitator, Sharon uses her thirty years lived in experiences with mental health issues to encourage interaction based on trust,  openness,  and compassion towards ourselves and each other. 

To read what attendees have said about The Power of YOU, please follow the link.


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Jul 26 2021


12:10 pm - 12:30 pm






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