Follow-Up Book – Step Outside the Box

Step Outside the Box’ is the title of a follow-up book to ‘There Is a Way’, which I am presently working on and hoping to complete in the next couple of months. This book will look at a number of different issues I feel is detrimental to our well-being, is helping to destroy our planet and counterproductive to compassion, whilst also hopefully suggesting remedies for readers to make even the smallest of changes with their life styles, creating a kinder world for all living beings.

It’s just over twelve months since I published my first book ‘There Is a Way’, which in the height of its sales last year achieved No 25 in the UK Amazon Self Help downloads, nestled In-between some of the greats such as ‘Feel the Fear’ by Susan Jeffers. Whilst I am thrilled with this achievement, I also feel the book has only skimmed the surface of its true potential, with the capability to reach out and inspire so many more readers. Bearing this in mind, I have over the last couple of months not only updated the content, lengthening and adding additional chapters, but I have also engaged an extremely talented friend of mine in designing a bespoke cover too.

New book coming soon

With numerous requests to see a collection of my verse published, I am compiling some of the more poignant poems and inspiring quotes for a future book, under the title ‘A Compassionate Voice’. This book will most probably be published near to Christmas, along with a children’s book too. Watch this space for more information about publication dates. In the meantime, here is a sneak preview of the new ‘There Is a Way’ front cover by the amazing Cheri – Animal Portraits & Originals 

‘There Is a Way’ new front cover by Cherry Pirie