The Story of Moonbeam











I was a few days old when the flock disappeared
My back legs had suddenly gone numb,
I couldn’t keep up and just as I feared
I was left alone without family, or Mum,

It was a walker who spotted my state
And he knew that once darkness fell,
He couldn’t be sure of my fate
So he searched for someone to tell,

And that’s when he came across Ma
She had a sanctuary for animals in need,
He returned with a blanket and car
So he could deliver me to Ma as agreed,

The night was incredibly black
Yet the moon was his protection and shield,
As it guided him across the right track
Where he found me curled up in the field,

He carried me over fences and stiles
Then delivered me safely to Ma,
And as I looked up to their wonderful smiles
I bleated my thank you baa,

Moon beam is the name they gave me
Trying to walk was extremely hard to do,
But my Ma persevered and helped me
And now I’m just like any other ewe,

Thank you Ma, you helped me survive
Your devotion was a guarantee,
The patience you had to keep me alive
Is through your compassion for many like me!

© Sharon Bull

I wrote this poem after visiting FARS Warwickshire and meeting Moon beam and all her friends. Carole who is 70 years young, gave up everything, including her home to care for abused, neglected and sick farm animals.The survival of the farm is purely through donations, so if anyone can donate, this will always be gratefully appreciated! Please click on website link for further details. Thank you!

Sharon ACV

Carole with Moonbeam
Carole and Moonbeam

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