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On June 10th I received an extremely frantic call from my dear friend Carole from FARS. She had received a desperate phone call regarding a family of pot-bellied pigs residing in Warwickshire. The 5 piglets, their Mum Penny and Dad Buster had been abandoned and the land they were living on was now sold. The new owners sadly couldn’t take the pigs on, so we had just a few days to find them a forever home.

After sharing their plight on social media and receiving over 500 facebook shares, the offers of help was overwhelming! A team came together to coordinate their rescue and delivery to Tamara at Alternative Animal Sanctuary, who had kindly offered to take them in.

So, armed with a trailer, hay and coaxing food loaned from Brinsley Animal Rescue, Ruth and Laurie Derby Animal Rights, George (our driver), Dave, Roy the dog and myself, joined by the wonderful Kendra and her Action Aid for Animals ambulance, Carol, and Jools, we rescued the family on Saturday 13th June.

Piggy Rescue 2

It was an exceptionally long and emotional day, but to see the family safe and well was immensely fulfilling and I can understand why people dedicate their lives to rescuing animals.

Piggy Rescue 3

A huge thank you to everyone who helped in the rescue – your facebook shares, tweets, love and support – this all made it happen!

All of the sanctuaries/rescue charities mentioned ( and in particular Alternative – who need help in caring for these piggies) rely on our support to survive, so if you can assist them in any way through donations, or volunteer work that would be amazing!





Sharon – A Compassionate Voice

The Rescue Team - all photos with kind permission of Animal Rights Derby
The Rescue Team – all photos with kind permission of Animal Rights Derby

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