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Fourish Wellbeing Festival


The Flourish Wellbeing Festival takes place at the beautiful Glasshouse Arts Centre in Stourbridge. The theme of the festival encourages [...]

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Nottingham Post


Nottingham Post feature - Sharon says she would rather go for a walk than go shopping for clothes after curbing [...]

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Stella Magazine Feature


Sunday Telegraph's Stella Magazine feature on Sunday 30th July "That was 29th April 2011, Prince William and Kate Middleton's wedding [...]

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Reinvention Story


'Fab after Fifty' interview with Ceri Wheeldon  "Sharon shares with us her reinvention story, as she recovered from depression and [...]

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Mandela Love


There wasn’t a dry eye in the operating theatre, as we watched the Chengdu sanctuary ‘s vet and two nurses [...]

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