A selection of Stripped Bare reviews taken from Amazon, Waterstones and Face Book 

Sarah Colthart – Face Book (5/2/2018)

I don’t read, have never given myself the time to sadly, but this is just brilliant, it’s so honest. I’m lucky to have never experienced mental health issues, but it should be a must read for all, as kindness and compassion are so rare now. Life is tough enough without us all hurting each other. Well done on your book from a non reader, who is now converted xx

Brilliant !!! Brilliant !!! Brilliant 

Mr Q – Amazon (26/10/2017
What can I say this book is brilliant!!!
I stumbled across it by chance or maybe fate and have recommended it to lots of people in the 2 days since I’ve read it and during.
A brutally honest read into to world of mental health, and how any path can be changed.


Tracey Ann Preston – Amazon (16/9/2017)
I have been following Sharon Bull for 3 years after hearing her story in my car on the radio. I was very excited about reading this book. I knew it would be good, and it more than lived up to my expectations. I could not put it down, It related to my up bringing too, and some of my own life experiences. I admire Sharon for all her charity work, her love of all animals and she has such compassion and has wrote this book from the heart.The book contains such lovely poems too. I have been so impressed with this book and have sent two of my friends this book from Amazon gift wrapped. I know they both will love it. One of whom does a lot of charity work for dogs by finding them homes. I am excited to hear that they might be a second one too. The cover is absolutely lovely very different to any book cover before. It does say why that cover when you start to read it. Enjoy this amazing book. Ten stars for me.

Sam Smith – Face Book (1/12/2017)
I have read it, it is fantastic and very thought provoking.

Julie Simpson – Face Book (10/12/2017)
Sometimes in life I think we are either meant to meet someone, be somewhere or read something, in my case it was this book by the lovely and incredibly brave Sharon Bull.
I saw the book advertised and thought “that’s the very thing for me!” and indeed it was and on more than one level.
I saw so much of myself in some of the chapters, I won’t say which ones as don’t want to ruin the book for anyone else who is going to purchase it.
After nearly 6 weeks of illness and forced rest owing to an array of health problems I was able to read this book and digest it, giving it the proper time and concentration it deserves. It made me take a good long hard look in the mirror. To say that this book is ‘life changing’ may seem extreme, but in my case I think it could well be, because I certainly have NO intention of going back to what I was before I was ill.
Reading this book has inspired me, not only to improve myself physically (take more exercise etc) it has made me look at changing my career of 26 years. I have always enjoyed helping other people, I love being a dental nurse but I would love to work with homeless people, so when I am much better watch this space, in the mean time, Sharon thank you for writing such a spectacular book.

Brilliant pick me up

Mrs M M Oxley – Amazon (11/9/2017)
I loved this book, it has so many great stories that are so relevant to so many people, i am telling all my friends to get it as there is something in it for everyone, please hurry up with the next one.

Stimulating read

Robert Brown – Waterstones (5/9/2017)
This book is so honestly written, it really takes you on a journey through Sharon’s life, warts and all. It really shows how we all put a facade or veneer on our public face and just don’t know when that thin layer of self preservation, protection, has to be dropped and it’s time to seek help. No one is immune from any of the problems written about here. The chapter, “The Butterfly Symbol” had me crying my eyes out. So many moments in this book hit a nerve and some very key moments that will stick in my mind forever. Sharon’s ideas for making positive changes in this world and what young minds at school age should be encouraged to expand on are superb.

Totally got this book

Amazon Customer – Amazon (29/10/2017)
Totally got this book, and have been through a very very rocky journey myself, however to come out the other side with more understanding ,and
Feel your eyes have been opened. It’s a work in progress for me, A truly inspirational story.

Moisy Hill – Face Book (30/11/2017)
I loved it. Very inspirational and relatable.

Audrey Newman – Face Book (13/12/2017)
Read it, loved it. It was a gift on my birthday.

Great lessons for life!

Paul Davies – Waterstones (29/8/2017)
Sharon tells her story with brutal honesty: going through its low points without self-pity, and sharing how she has now found happiness. Along the way she passes on lessons on how she has learned to value the more important things in life. There is so much in here that will strike a chord with many of us. A heart touching story with some great lessons for life.

Penny Kakoulli – Face Book (30/11/2017)
Great inspiration worth reading.


P Hoolan Ireland – Amazon (11/10/2017)
I bought stripped bare for my kindle and I go back through the pages every now and then to view passages I have highlighted paragraphs on. As someone who suffers with constant back pain and depression I can relate to parts.It was a very brave book to write for the author and it does indeed STRIP BARE HER LIFE. It was a pleasurable read, and got me through some sleepless nights. I want now to get more books by this author and look forward to what she produces next.

Amazing life affirming book that is so relatable and engaging…

J.G. Corr – Amazon (29/8/2017)

Amazing life affirming book that is so relatable and engaging from page one right to the end, a roller coast of a read and a read that will definitely change your perspective of the world we live in I’d recommend this book for anyone interested in improving the quality of their life and the lives of others.

A Page Turner!

Debbie R – Amazon (3/1/2018)

A recommended read to all, a very real, inspirational and honest insight into Sharon’s “life”.
Congratulations on coming out the other side and thank you for sharing your experiences and feelings which I’m sure most readers will relate to and will help them in some way.
May the support of your family and followers continue.

Wishing you the very best of luck in your future endeavours.

Christine Powell – Face Book (29/12/2017)

Brilliant book- well worth the read.

Chrissie Grant – Face Book (23/1/2018)

Congratulations Sharon, you are a true inspiration, great book, wishing you every success in the future.

A Truly Inspirational Read!

Tracey Webster – Waterstones (30/8/2017)

I loved reading this book from the author Sharon Bull. I love her open, honest account of her own mental health issues and the fact that she bravely shares her heartbreak and experiences to help others see things more clearly and perhaps recognise their own problems. Although this book takes us to the very lowest point of Sharon’s life, I leave the book feeling that there is always hope and the things we overcome can help make us stronger. This is particularly true in Sharon’s story as she goes on to find her true vocation and enjoy great success as an author with a real story to tell. Sharon, thank you so much for sharing you story and I look forward to more from you on the bookshelves!