A New Breed of Politician

I wrote  ‘A New Breed of Politician’ mid-way through last year after the general election and I don’t think its sentiment could be any more profound than these last few days since the results from the EU Referendum.


Only two weeks ago we were all numbed by the murder of labour MP Jo cox, who was assassinated on the streets of her constituency because of what she fought for and valued. Calls for unity and a kinder politics echoed across Westminster, not only from her own party, but throughout parliament when it was recalled a few days later to pay tribute to a forty-two-year-old woman, who had given so much of her life for others less fortunate than herself.


But sadly, how quickly these sentiments were forgotten after the result of the referendum. 52% of the country placed their cross in the leave box, voting for Brexit and politicians from all parties were knocked for six. The people of the country had spoken and it wasn’t the anticipated result, particularly with the leader of the present government. The United Kingdom was now thrown into uncharted territory, but why were they so surprised by the outcome. I can only assume their arrogance, or ignorance had deluded them of the feelings across many parts of the UK.



I for one was extremely glad it was all over, for me the referendum on both sides of the debate had never discussed the real issues, instead both of the leading parties in the debate were guilty of fear, even hate driven tactics, driving a wedge between a society, which for the most has always been renowned for its warmth, love of difference and culture. Apart from emails and flyers through my door, I wasn’t particularly educated, or encouraged by my local Labour MP with the benefits of staying in the EU either, so I went with my gut instinct.

After Thursday 23rd June’s result my hope was that regardless of how anyone voted, United Kingdom would UNITE and fight for everything which is morally wrong with this country and be a shining example to the world. The propaganda, lies and mud slinging at times repulsed me to the very core, however, I had hoped common sense would also prevail with MP’s too, but sadly this wasn’t to be within Jo Cox’s party – the party I had been encouraged to join last year after their new leader Jeremy Corbyn had been elected by an overwhelming mandate.

Jeremy Corbyn takes to the stage after he was announced as the Labour Party's new leader at a special conference at the QEII Centre in London. PRESS ASSOCIATION Photo. Picture date: Saturday September 12, 2015. See PA story POLITICS Labour. Photo credit should read: Stefan Rousseau/PA Wire
Photo credit Stefan Rousseau/PA Wire

If I may reiterate that unity and a kinder politics echoed across Westminster on Monday 20th June 2016, but what I have witnessed through the media these past few days can only be described as spineless, cowardly, and tantamount to heartless bullying tactics from the 172 Labour MPs, who must have contrived to resign one after the other, every hour to humiliate a compassionate, caring man, who wants to deliver a new type of politics, one which is so desperately needed, not only within the UK, but across the world too. As I write this blog a delay strategy seems now to be underway in the hope Jeremy will step down of his own accordance, or is it that nerves are jangling knowing any opposing candidate hoping to stand against the present leader is bound for failure in a membership vote.

David Cameron

I feel politics, very much like religion can be a delicate subject to broach, even with family and friends, which is generally why I tend to keep my views in respect to these two topics to a minimum. Jeremy Corbyn for me has been a breath of fresh as the leader of the Labour party and over the past nine months I have witnessed the opposition and in particular their leader and present Prime Minister venomously  ridicule him for the menial of things, including his dress. The actions from his own MP’s though has not only been scandalise, but unjust too, crippling a party I was starting to believe in. Regardless of anyone’s personal opinions towards an MP, surely we can all agree this type of politics must be kicked out of society. I ask myself if I am shocked by the behaviour and I don’t think I am, because it clarifies for me the change that is so desperately needed in Westminster.