Autumn Delights

Kick starting Autumn and ending the first full week of September with a stinking rotten cold was not something I had anticipated, but although I am bitterly disappointed at having to postpone my visit to see Carole and all my anipals at Farm Animal Rescue Sanctuary this weekend, I think watching a few old movie favourites may be the perfect remedial cure.


Autumn is one of my favourite seasons, which is as well because the extra training for my Great Wall of China Trek Challenge for Animals Asia is imperative now. Flying out on October 12th, I hope to share an online journal of my experiences through the website over the next few months, which will help to raise awareness to the continuous wonderful work Jill Robinson and all the team do at Animals Asia, not only in rescuing Moon bears from bear bile farms, but with many other aspects of Animal welfare in Asia too.

This week has also heralded what I hope is the beginning of new relationships. Tuesday morning, I joined a team of people committed to making a difference for others. Part one of an eleven-week trainer training course constructed by the wonderful Beverley Burton, so that next year I am able to help deliver her incredible ‘Equipped To Succeed’ package where it is needed the most.

Chesterfield FC Community Trust do so much in helping to raise awareness with mental health issues, so I was absolutely delighted to be asked to speak at one of their groups this week too. Anyone who has read my book ‘There Is a Way’ will know I have a fondness for football and in particular my home town team, so I am crossing fingers this is just the beginning of yet another great bond.

Animal welfare issues are never far away from my heart and this week I published my second Huffington Post blog within a couple of weeks. Working with Amie from Sheldrick Wildlife Trust ‘Zongoloni’s Story of Hope’ was written to help raise awareness to the Ivory Trade, the tireless amazing work DSWT do for the many calves left orphaned because of the sickening trade and how we can all help.

David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust

Blogging has tended to take a back seat over the past few months, but I do mean to rectify this and working alongside others, I hope to publish informative and positive stories/outcomes about causes dear to me, not only through Huffington Post, but the website too.


I want to further develop a website platform for guest bloggers too. A place to share thoughts and experiences with regard to various topics including mental health awareness, recovery and well-being, animal welfare, nature and creativity. The aim, to encourage more and more people to speak out about their personal successes, motivational ideas for change and constructive views, helping create an optimistic environment and a promising vision for the future.


It is so easy to be engulfed with all that is bad in the world and whilst we should be aware of what is happening, if our focus is purely on the negative, the inspirational people, the ones who are helping to make incredible changes – no matter how small, or how big, can get left in the shadows. And yet, these are the champions. the people who will help to transform minds, because they will steer others and give them the hope and belief  that anything can be achieved.

Anyone interested in writing a guest blog for the website please contact with your ideas.

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog and I wish you all a wonderful Autumn 2016

Sharon ACV