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Stripped Bare book by Sharon Bull was published  28th August 2017 by Matador in paperback and eBook format. Available from both high-street and online bookshops, including Amazon, Waterstones – a few links below to purchase both the paperback and eBook.  Already receiving great reviews!

Stripped Bare – A British woman in her mid-years, was finally catapulted into her worst months of shame and self-destruction, after thirty years battling with mental health issues including depression, anxiety and a spending addiction which lead to incurring GBP50,000 debt. This is a true story based on the experiences of the author Sharon Bull, who in 2010 lost almost everything, including her life, but it wasn’t until after her failed suicide attempt Sharon finally faced up to her fears. She transformed her life in a way that will inspire and encourage others to realise they can do the same, no matter how impossible it may seem. This is a heartfelt journey in which the author strips herself bare, allowing readers to see behind the facade we can so often portray to others. There will certainly be aspects of this story many relate to after reading her honest and open accounts about situations and circumstances that were repeatedly determined by past issues. The book also lifts the lid on the toxic effects our society can have on people’s lives, and the huge pressure we put on ourselves as we tirelessly strive to live out the perfect lifestyles seen in magazines, adverts and media. It also helps to break down the stigma attached to mental illness and how our perceptions of others can be far from their reality.

“A wonderful and honest account of one woman´s struggles with anxiety and depression showing that there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Optimistic and heart-warming.”
Susie Pearl
Author of Instructions for Happiness. Meditator. Writer. Wellbeing, mindfulness, positive psychology.


“I have been following Sharon Bull for 3 years after hearing her story in my car on the radio. I was very excited about reading this book. I knew it would be good, and it more than lived up to my expectations. I could not put it down, It related to my up bringing too, and some of my own life experiences. I admire Sharon for all her charity work, her love of all animals and she has such compassion and has wrote this book from the heart.The book contains such lovely poems too. I have been so impressed with this book and have sent two of my friends this book from Amazon gift wrapped. I know they both will love it. One of whom does a lot of charity work for dogs by finding them homes. I am excited to hear that they might be a second one too. The cover is absolutely lovely very different to any book cover before. It does say why that cover when you start to read it. Enjoy this amazing book. Ten stars for me.” ~ Tracey Ann Preston

A Truly Inspirational Read

“I loved reading this book from the author Sharon Bull. I love her open, honest account of her own mental health issues and the fact that she bravely shares her heartbreak and experiences to help others see things more clearly and perhaps recognise their own problems. Although this book takes us to the very lowest point of Sharon’s life, I leave the book feeling that there is always hope and the things we overcome can help make us stronger. This is particularly true in Sharon’s story as she goes on to find her true vocation and enjoy great success as an author with a real story to tell. Sharon, thank you so much for sharing you story and I look forward to more from you on the bookshelves! ~ Tracey Webster

“A wonderful and honest account of one woman´s struggles with anxiety and depression showing that there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Optimistic and heart-warming.”

Susie Pearl
Author of Instructions for Happiness and Success. Meditator. Writer. Wellbeing, mindfulness, positive psychology.

Brilliant pick-me-up!

“I loved this book, it has so many great stories that are so relevant to so many people, i am telling all my friends to get it as there is something in it for everyone, please hurry up with the next one xxx” ~ Mrs M M Oxley

Stimulating Read

“This is a fantastic book. It really shows how we all put a facade or veneer on our public face and just don’t know when that thin layer of self preservation, protection, has to be dropped and it’s time to seek help. No one is immune from any of the problems written about here. The chapter, “The Butterfly Symbol” had me crying my eyes out. So many moments in this book hit a nerve and some very key moments that will stick in my mind forever.” ~ Rob Brown