An Introduction to WOW

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WOW is an abbreviation of ‘Women of the World United Against Taiji’ and the name representing a social media group steered by Mandy Van Der Walt, Sue Princes-lles and Angela Rupar. The group has successfully brought together almost 12,000 like-minded compassionate females from around the world, all helping to raise awareness about the hidden truths behind dolphin captivity and the links the Taiji dolphin drives have with the captive trade.

Mandy Van Der Walt  gives a brief introduction to the group, why it was formed, what they do and how you can also become a part of this wonderful society.

My name is Mandy Van Der Walt from Johannesburg, S. Africa and I am the creator of the group Women of the World United Against Taiji. My idea for the group was to create a place where women could go to get support. A place where ladies could share their ideas, their fears, their sadness, their victories and their defeats. Everything they have experienced on this journey, educating people about the captivity of cetaceans and the direct link to Taiji and the Cove. I personally accept and welcome all new members on a daily basis, as well as maintaining and updating our Birthday File so we can all celebrate as a group with members celebrating their Birthdays.

Sue Prince-lles is an admin who is in the UK and handles all Twitter accounts as well as our Locations File, with our members’ locations, so the ladies can contact those near them from the group and offer support when doing events or even handing out fliers. She is in charge of our Twitter Translation Team. Our everyday Tweet-sheet has already been translated into several languages. We are adding to these as we have members volunteer.

Angela Rupar is also an admin and is in the USA, FL. She designed, hosts and manages the website and all informational collateral. The WOW brochure has already been translated into several languages for reading on-line and for printing. The languages currently include: Dutch • English
 • French
 • German
 • Japanese
 • Polish
 • Russian
 • Spanish • Zulu

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We also have posters, fliers, business cards and stickers available on-line ready to be downloaded and printed for any event you may be attending or setting up!

We embrace all nationalities. We do not discriminate against any country, nation or it’s people as there are atrocities in every country and there are also those who oppose it in each one. Racism is not tolerated within the group.


Since the inception of Women of the World United Against Taiji in December 2014 – the group has grown to over 11,200 members and the website that launched March 18, 2015 has reached 148 countries so far.

The group participates and supports the efforts of other groups like Sea Shepherd and Ric O’Barry’s Dolphin Project. We create and sign petitions, we participate in tweet storms and different events for dolphins and whales. We design and provide collateral for members to print and use in their efforts. We stay up to date with current reports and findings and provide that information to our members, via the group and website. We also have our pinned post that is full of suggestions on how to be an active member of the group and the mission. We encourage members to go out into the community to speak to people one-on-one. We are a peaceful, respectful group who embrace all who have the same passion and mission ~ Changing hearts, one mind at a time through education. Once people stop supporting captivity the drive hunts will end.

WOW are also presently helping to raise awareness to the worldwide Empty The Tanks events generally taking place on May 7th 2016. WOW -EMPTY THE TANKS


Visit our web site at, we have a Kids Section as well as an Eco-Tours section, both providing alternatives to the captive marine park and swim with dolphin facilities.

There are so many places that offer Eco-Tours and a chance for people to see Dolphins and Whales in their natural environment or to simply appreciate nature. Here at Women of the World United Against Taiji, we are going the extra mile to give you options to the captive marine parks. So we did our research and pulled some of the best places for you to explore! Spend your money on something that will last you and your children a lifetime. Teach them to appreciate nature and the natural world around them.

Our website is packed full of information for anyone to use and share.

Ladies can join our Facebook Group at

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