Nature Heals

“My vision over recent years is to unite children, particularly the vulnerable and disadvantaged with animals and nature. Children are the ambassadors of the future, so for me it’s of the utmost importance that we educate them about our connection to nature and other living things.” ~ Sharon Bull

Nature Heals will be the first ACV Foundation’s  project.  A similar concept to ‘Wish Upon a Star’ we would initially arrange for children to have guided visits to rescue sanctuaries and nature reserves in the UK. Kick starting this campaign with a goal of £1000 for funding on GoFundMe, I am hoping with my ambition and drive to push the funding way over this target. This is a long-term commitment, a project which I am determined will succeed. One which will eventually allow volunteering at sanctuaries in the UK and abroad, nature holidays and witnessing wildlife wonders in the wild.

Over the past few years, I have re-built and transformed my life by reigniting childhood passions and filling the void my addiction left with the simple things in life. I owe a great debt of gratitude though to wildlife and nature. After being stripped bare of all I valued materialistically, it was wildlife and nature that reopened my heart and reminded me who I truly was – a woman who, as a little girl, wouldn’t shoo a pigeon, who spent most Sunday afternoons picnicking in the countryside. A woman who, even at the height of her hard-hitting career, still wouldn’t tread on a spider.

I have also visited a number of animal rescue sanctuaries. Humanitarian havens away from the media and technology madness. These sanctuaries are not only heaven on earth for the rescued animals. For me, they are wonderful retreats. They are places of tranquillity, where devotion to a cause leads the way and my personal wellbeing is revitalised. Experiencing this feel good factor,  warmth and compassion, I am certain this would be beneficial to a child’s wellbeing too.

Being among nature is also one place I can guarantee anyone can heal, learn to be mindful, and live in the present moment.

I am already in conversation with sanctuaries and children’s charities/services and hope to have scheduled visits planned for 2019. Over the coming months I will share my fundraisers, events etc to raise sums and if you could spare a small donation , please click on the ACV Foundation (GoFundMe) button.

Thank you for your kindness
Sharon ACV