Halloween 2019

ACV Foundation’s Halloween party.

One of ACV Foundation’s 2019 projects is a Halloween party. Taking place in my home town Chesterfield, Derbyshire, Loundsley Green Community Centre has already been provisionally booked for Saturday 26th October 2019. Age group for this event I would like to be infant school age (4 -7 years)

I would like to hold a meeting at Loundsley Green Community Centre after Christmas to set wheels in motion. Anyone local to the area and interested in helping please email sharon@acompassionatevoice.co.uk. For those who don’t live local, you can still help with ideas etc and hopefully in time we can hold a few more events across the country.

Anyone who knows any deserving children’s charities that ACV Foundation could link up with in the Chesterfield/Derbyshire area  for the Halloween party please also email  sharon@acompassionatevoice.co.uk

Over the next couple of years my aim is to set up a charitable organisation called The ACV Foundation. My passion for both the welfare of children (particularly the disadvantaged and vulnerable) and animals, coupled with my determination to try and influence a more compassionate world is the driving force behind this. ACV projects need fundraising ideas, volunteers and an injection of determination, unity and love, but together I know we can kick start something wonderful!

To donate to either of the projects please click on ACV Foundation (GoFundMe) button

Nature Heals – Connecting children with nature and animals
Halloween – A compassionate, ethical and fun party for children.


Thank you!
Sharon ACV xx