In September 2013 I set up in self-employment as an Inspirational Speaker/Writer/Poet. The sole purpose was to creatively help others through my own experiences with mental health, depression, addiction, recovery and well-being.

Sharon Bull -Inspirational Speaker/Writer/Poet
Photograph by Nicky Armstrong

Since starting the business there has been many highs and lows along the way, but I truly believe when someone finds their purpose in life they will overcome any obstacle to reach their goal. This is the reason why A Compassionate Voice has evolved into what it is today, because of my determination, drive and devotion to what I consider to be my calling.

My story has caught the attention of many, however, although I am extremely grateful for the ongoing interest within the media, more importantly for me is where I am now, and how I can continue to help make a difference with the gifts I have been given.

My love for animals, wildlife and nature has been with me since being a child, but since 2010 this passion has returned to me in earnest, so along with my allegiance with mental health issues, recovery and well-being, I am now also using the spoken and written word to help raise awareness to some of the countless issues of animal abuse across the world.

© Picture by Steve Hill. 9.2.14.PICTURE FOR WOMAN’S OWN MAGAZINE PICTURE DESK.Sharon Bull, 53 pictured at home in Chesterfield, Derbyshire today.
Photograph by Steve Hill Photography

In February 2016 I self published my first book titled There Is a Way. Going public about mental health issues, past mistakes and life errors that most people would probably choose to closet, rather than use as examples in a book to help others was a huge gamble to take, but I felt it was a venture worth the risk. A choice, which was definitely the right one to make, as a few months later the book reached No 25 in the Amazon UK’s self-help category.

Due to the book’s success, on August 28th 2017 an updated version of ‘There Is a Way’ is set to hit the high-street and on-line book shops, under a new title Stripped Bare. 

I am also in the process of writing a follow up book titled ‘Step Outside the Box’, which will hopefully be published late 2017/early 2018.

My talk packages have already been a huge success at numerous and varied functions, including annual conferences, well-being events and mental health seminars. For further information, and, or to book me as a speaker please contact via email events@acompassionatevoice.co.uk

Thank you so much for taking the time to visit my website and I do hope you will enjoy looking around the various pages to find out more about my work under the umbrella of A Compassionate Voice.

Sharon Bull
A Compassionate Voice


Sharon Bull

 A heartfelt journey in which the author strips herself bare, allowing readers to see behind the facade we can so often portray to others.

  • A searing account which is much more than the life story of the author.
  • A self-help book dealing with mental health, addiction, depression and recovery.
  • A full media campaign and author tour to publicise the book.

A British woman in her mid-years, was finally catapulted into her worst months of shame and self-destruction, after thirty years battling with mental health issues including depression, anxiety and a spending addiction incurring £50,000 debt. This is a true story based on the experiences of the author Sharon Bull, who in 2010 lost almost everything, including her life, but it wasn’t until after her failed suicide attempt Sharon finally faced up to her fears. She transformed her life in a way that will inspire and encourage others to realise they can do the same, no matter how impossible it may seem.

This is a heartfelt journey in which the author strips herself bare, allowing readers to see behind the façade we can so often portray to others.  There will certainly be aspects of this story many relate to after reading her honest and open accounts about situations and circumstances that were repeatedly determined by past issues. The book also lifts the lid on the toxic effects our society can have on people’s lives, and the huge pressure we put on ourselves as we tirelessly strive to live out the perfect lifestyles seen in magazines, adverts and media. It also helps to break down the stigma attached to mental illness and how our perceptions of others can be far from their reality.

PUBLISHED 28th August 2017

Headlines from some readers reviews so far…

“From the moment I picked this book up I didn’t want to stop reading.” ~ Cherrill Wood

“This is a wonderful book. Beautifully written. Full of heartfelt honesty. I would highly recommend this book. Once I opened it I could not put it down. Cannot wait for the next one.” ~ Mr S J Jack

“Sharon’s honesty is courageous and how she has turned her life around by helping others”’ ~ Ian

 “I am sure that this book will save someone’s life one day.” ~ Jane Birkin

“An inspiring read, this book resonated with me on many levels.” ~ Ms Lin Armstrong

“Written from the heart and thought provoking.” ~ Paul Davis

“Excellent read. For a new author I’m surprised how cleverly written it is. I’m an avid reader and terrible literary critic and I can find no fault in this book just real enjoyment. I hope Sharon Bull will continue to write, I look forward to any future work.” ~ Sheila Difford